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VIDEO – “Now it’s Islamic law in Afghanistan”: daily life in Kabul under the yoke of the Taliban – LCI


DOCUMENT – For ten days, the city of Kabul has fallen back into the hands of the Taliban. Administrations, schools, universities are closed and life is struggling to resume for the inhabitants. The exclusive report of our team of journalists on site.

Ten days after the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan, daily life is struggling to resume in Kabul. At the town market, where customers were still flocking a few days ago, the traders look grim.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

“Before the arrival of the Taliban, I made a good living selling dates. Now people have no more money, the banks are closed. Business is a disaster and there is no one there. to manage the city “, regrets one of the merchants at the microphone of our journalists.

Public services, schools stopped

The country of 40 million inhabitants is almost at a standstill. Public services have still not resumed, civil servants are not receiving their salaries. Schools and universities are also closed, until further notice.

“I don’t have a problem with putting the burqa back on. What I would like about the Taliban is that they allow young people to study in schools, universities so that they are educated.”, assures a mother.

On video

Afghanistan: embarked with evacuees

The administrations are deserted. At the town hall, a group of armed fighters settled for a week. They explain to our team how to secure the building. A few meters away, the “green zone”, where the embassies are located, will soon be destroyed by the Taliban.

Now it’s Islamic law in Afghanistan– A Taliban

In the street, our team is stopped by a fighter, affirming that from now on, women must cover their legs and wear long dresses. “Now it is Islamic law in Afghanistan”, he throws at the camera.

Beside him, a Taliban commander holds a long object in his hands. “This is my whip”, he explains, waving it. “I do like that to put the streets in order, I also use it to arrest someone when I need to”, he adds.

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