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Surprising results from a British study: Most vaccinees also have symptoms, but that’s not all! – Topky


A large study by scientists in the United Kingdom shows that up to half of the fully vaccinated people who became infected with the delta were mild. According to The Times, a sample of 700,000 adults who had already received both doses of the vaccine and were fully vaccinated. They found out some surprising facts.

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As many as half of those who were fully vaccinated and still contracted had common coronavirus symptoms. These include the already mentioned cough, fever, or loss of taste and smell. In the alpha variant, which raged in the UK last autumn, there were less than 10 per cent of such cases. In addition, they found that the level of infection in the body did not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated – both groups had roughly the same level of virus in the body. In comparison, in the case of the alpha variant, the amount of virus in the body was much lower.

The benefits outweigh the problems

However, despite the findings, the researchers in the study write and emphasize that vaccination continues to have a great advantage, and that is the fact that it protects people from the severe course of the infection and possible hospitalization. “You are still less likely to become infected if you have received both doses of the vaccine. But if that happens, we will have a similar amount of the virus as someone who has not been vaccinated. ” says Professor Sarah Walker, who led the study. She compared the effectiveness of Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca vaccines with her colleagues at a time when delta was being talked about. At that time, the alpha variant continued to dominate in Britain, causing a massive winter wave in the country.

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Subsequently, she performed the same study at a time when the delta variant was already beginning to dominate. And the difference between the two periods was clear. While in the first observed period only 7 percent of those vaccinated had coronavirus symptoms, in the period when delta variants began to dominate, it was already 55 percent. However, Walker noted that scientists still do not know how much faith is transmitted by those who become infected with coronavirus after vaccination. “For example, they may have high levels of the virus in their bodies, but for a shorter time.” points out that it is important that as many people as possible be vaccinated, and that they should most likely choose a vaccine from the Pfizer / BioNTech consortium.

Surprising results of the British study:

Source: TASR / AP / Wilfredo Lee

According to the study, it is more effective than AstraZeneca in protecting against infection. But there is one big but. The Pfizer vaccine declines immunity significantly faster than the AstraZeneca. While two weeks after vaccination, the effectiveness of Pfizer is about 85 percent, after three months it is “only” 75 percent. For the AstraZeneca vaccine, this is 68 percent after two weeks and 61 percent after about three months. After about half a year, according to scientists, the strength of both vaccines is about the same.

Another study, another problem

“Although vaccination reduces the chance of getting coronavirus, it does not eliminate it. Our data show that vaccinated people can still spread the coronavirus, so it is important to continue testing and isolating those infected to reduce the risk of infection. “ said Koen Pouwels, a scientist at Oxford University. At the end of the study, she pointed out that people who had already survived the coronavirus and were vaccinated were much more protected from the infection than those who were vaccinated but had not been infected with the coronavirus before.

Surprising results of the British study:

Source: SITA / Chris Granger / The Advocate via AP

A similar study was published about two weeks ago by the British government’s health agency Public Health England (RP). In it, researchers also found that vaccinated people infected with the delta variant can transmit the virus in the same way as those who are not vaccinated. However, they also found that of the patients who were hospitalized with the delta, almost 35 percent were vaccinated with both doses. 55.1 percent of all patients were unvaccinated. The country is currently 75 percent of the population fully vaccinated.


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