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The Biscuit War is gaining momentum: Members of Parliament are being threatened with disciplinary action! – Topky


While some decided to fight the extremely popular biscuits after the words of the head of the company Sedita, others decided to support their sale. Among them are several politicians, such as Jana Bittó Cigániková. However, she was extremely careful not to break it the law, which instructs politicians to refrain from any advertising.

Source: Facebook / Janka Bittó Cigániková – Functioning healthcare

For this reason, the head of the parliamentary committee and the member for the SaS published a photograph from which it is clear that she has a Sedita product in her hand, but it did not have a cover and she attached a restrained description to the photograph. “Dessert for today clear. It fits me, “ wrote on social network.

Breaking the law?

However, not everyone was as cautious as Cigániková. Criticism is poured especially on her party colleague Miroslav Žiak. He published a photo on a social network with a box of well-known Horalka cookies, on which the packaging is visible, the mark is also visible on the box. He also attached a description “Don’t you know why I feel like Hor-alk?”

The Biscuit War is gaining ground

Pupil’s status was noticed by Ondrej Ďurica, a former deputy for the ĽSNS party, and a non-attached deputy for the Milan Uhrík Republika party. It was Uhrík who informed on the social network that Ďurica, as a member of the parliamentary committee for incompatibility of functions, is submitting a disciplinary initiative against Žák. He quite clearly and openly promoted a well-known food product on Facebook only because its producer said to unvaccinated people that they “should sit at home”. I recall that Members are prohibited by law from advertising any private company and product, and many have been fined in the past for violating this rule. “ Uhrík wrote on the social network, adding the law that politicians should follow.

The Biscuit War is gaining ground

Source: FB / Milan Uhrík

He added that promoting a selected company puts other entrepreneurs at a disadvantage. “The connection of government nominees to selected entrepreneurs is already beginning to strike. They can no longer absolutely distinguish between the protection of the public interest and private business. This, too, must end. It’s a trifle, but the rules must apply to everyone equally! The papals, as a student of the Student, bully ordinary people for much smaller things. So we will step on this rogue government at every opportunity. ” concluded Uhrík. In the comments, the discussants wrote that Jana Cigániková also promoted Horalky and therefore it should be included in the initiative. Uhrík reacted to this by saying that the deputy was photographed without commercial packaging, which cannot be considered explicit advertising in terms of the law.

The student immediately responded to the words of his colleague. However, he does not make a heavy head out of Uhrík’s words. Thus, our legal illiterates on the part of the Republic are able to comment on legal analyzes, of course, incorrectly, but not on the Jewish Holocaust, after all, they are not historians., ” he stated on the social network, where he also published a photograph of Uhrík’s status.

The Biscuit War is gaining ground

Sedita case

The statement of the owner of the confectionery concern Sedita that the vaccinated could move freely and the unvaccinated should sit at home literally polarized society. The unvaccinated, who were touched by Pavel Jakubec’s statement, began to boycott the sale of the company’s products and encouraged other people to do the same. The boycott was also supported by a small online grocery store, which refuses to resell the company’s products. “As of today, all products from the manufacturer Sedita have been removed from our sale. We do not want the Slovak company to go bankrupt, we just want to show the owner to pay attention to his statements, which are discriminatory, “ stated the store on the social network.

The Biscuit War is gaining ground

Source: Facebook /

The case, which divided the statement of the owner of the company, divided into two camps and members of parliament. In particular, opposition deputies who actively took part in the boycott against vaccination, and others, including Cigániková and Žiak, supported the company by buying their products.

The Biscuit War is gaining ground

Source: Facebook / Ľuboš Blaha


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