NewsWorldDisgusting action of vandals in the Bratislava housing estate:...

Disgusting action of vandals in the Bratislava housing estate: PHOTO Andrej found a swastika on his car! – Topky


Andrej posted the photo in the group on social media. “I don’t have a problem with anyone and I have no idea who could do such a thing. In addition, the two signs have nothing to do with each other. that someone rang the doorbells of all the inhabitants and woke them up. I just assume that something like that had to be done by a person under the influence of drugs. And in the afternoon I’m going to file a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator. “ he wrote in the discussion, for which he also earned praise for the correct procedure.

Some discussants see the problem in bad parking, but stress that this does not justify the perpetrator’s actions. “Unfortunately, parking at the stand can bother people, I’m not the only one I prefer to always avoid the place,” wrote Ondrej.

Source: FB / Karlovka

“Apparently they were walking on the sidewalk that got your car in the way. Of course, I’m not defending them and I’d break their legs. But your car restricts access to the stand and it also hits the sidewalk vertically. I don’t blame, I just say. parks, ” Oskar stated. The case is already being dealt with by the Bratislava police.


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