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“Koh-Lanta La Légende”: Internet users complain about the broadcast day, Denis Brogniart answers them – Midi Libre


Some followers of the show have complained on social media that the new season will air Tuesday night instead of the regular Friday night schedule.

Towards a boycott of the new Koh-Lanta season? While the next edition begins on Tuesday, August 24, some fans are protesting on social networks that the program is no longer broadcast on Friday evening. Some are also worried about competition with the Champions League.

it’s scandalous to have put koh-lanta on Tuesday, it’s Friday or nothing.

– chlo ‘? (@criencchlo) August 21, 2021

TF1 they just want things to get confused at home to put Koh-Lanta on Tuesday evening at the same time as the return of the LDC

– Nᴇɢᴀɴ Jʀ ud83d udc18 (@AkanBlvck) August 23, 2021

Indeed, TF1 has chosen to reserve the historic Koh-Lanta niche for a new program: Game of Talents, presented by Jary.

Response from Denis Brogniart

Faced with boycott threats, Denis Brogniart insisted on defending “Koh-Lanta the Legend”. To an Internet user who assures him that he will not watch the new season because of the schedule, the historical presenter answers him “too bad for you because it’s a crazy season”.

Instagram screenshot.

Enough to make mouth watering for all the aficionados of the show.

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