NewsWorldThe case of Pčolinský is heading to the conclusion,...

The case of Pčolinský is heading to the conclusion, they did not find traces of DNA –


Finding DNA on banknotes is not easy.

BRATISLAVA. Three witnesses testify against him and their statements partly sit with records from SIS. He was detained by former colleagues from the service and the police did not find any traces of his DNA on the money.

Investigation of the former SIS chief Vladimír Pčolinský, accused of corruption, is coming to an end.

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This follows from a resolution of the Specialized Criminal Court, which in mid-August did not comply with Pčolina’s request for release from custody.

The final phase of the investigation was also confirmed by Pčolinský’s lawyer Ondrej Urban.

Pčolinský is accused of taking 20,000 euros to stop eavesdropping on bankruptcy lawyer Zoroslav Kollár.

At the end of April, he received a second accusation that he had bribed former NAKA member Marián Kučerka with 10,000 euros in order not to resolve suspicions of tax fraud by a multinational construction company.

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The planned interrogations have ended and the investigator also has all the expert opinions. A formal examination of the file is underway, which can be considered the end of the evidence, Urban claims.

“We have submitted two more proposals to supplement the evidence, which I will not specify, but we do not yet have information on whether the investigator will comply with us,” he says.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office declined to comment.

The Pčolinský case triggered political conflicts within the coalition. We family has trampled on changes regarding detention and is talking about the credibility of the Interior Minister for OĽaNO Romana Mikulca.

What the witnesses say


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