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Unvaccinated employees cause problems for companies. The conditions for the application of anti – epidemic measures are unclear –


According to the Republican Union of Employers, the conditions for the application of anti-epidemic measures are unclear and insufficient.

Unvaccinated employees cause problems for companies in Slovakia. As the Republican Employers’ Union states in the press release, although the state provided establishments with the option of choosing which groups of the population they would provide their services in the event of a worsening epidemic situation, it did not adjust the conditions of entry of employees. According to companies, the conditions for the application of anti-epidemic measures are thus unclear and insufficient, and the Public Health Office is requesting their completion.

Employers warn that obtaining data on whether and how many employees are vaccinated is problematic. “In connection with the worsening epidemic situation, companies are looking at how to most reliably protect the health of their employees and ensure the smooth running of production / operation of the company. Many companies are proactively preparing for “worse times” and creating databases of fully vaccinated employees and those who have overcome COVID-19. For example, they are adapting the schedule of services and the operation of the company to this, “says Miroslav Kiraľvarga, president of RÚZ.

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Supply companies should also have problems, as foreign customers increasingly demand from them the implementation of the service exclusively by vaccinated employees. In practice, according to employers, there are also bizarre situations where employees refuse, for example, wearing towels in the workplace. Despite the fact that they repeatedly violate work discipline, at present, according to the valid decrees, it is not clear how Slovak employers should proceed in such cases. “The problem is the decree of the regional public health office itself, as obligations can only be imposed by law. Employers therefore have their hands tied to a large extent, “points out Kiraľvarga.


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