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Rouen. At 13, he presented the news like the stars … and was spotted by France TV – 76actu


At 13, Louan, living in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) is passionate about journalism. He has a perfect command of the gestures and tone of TV presenters, as shown in a video he posted on Twitter which has exceeded 1.2 million views. (© Twitter / Passionate)

Slightly wrinkled look, imperturbable in front of the teleprompter, squared cards, pen well in hand… There is no doubt, Louan is a TV reporter seed. Only 13 years old, this schoolboy living Rouen (Seine-Maritime) has studied extensively facial expressions of those who relay the information on the small screen.

For three years now, he has been training to acquire a professionalism worthy of the biggest names in the business, but it was only on August 21, 2021 that he dared publish his first video on Twitter. We see him present, in less than two minutes, “the main news”. 48 hours later, his mini-news has accumulated… 1.2 million views!

Soon in the morning of Samuel Étienne

“I am very surprised, I really did not expect it! But above all, I’m super happy, ”explains Louan, who is about to move to 4th grade with a transcript of around 17.5 overall average. Of course, he has no doubts about his future… as a TV journalist. “Since I was little, I’ve been watching the news. On TF1, France 3, then Franceinfo [d’où le nom explicite de son compte Twitter, « Passionné de Franceinfo », NDLR]… I really like Anne-Claire Coudray, but my favorite journalist is Samuel Étienne. It is the one from whom I take example. ”

And precisely, the presenter of the morning of Franceinfo was one of the personalities who shared, still on Twitter, Louan’s video (with Laurent Delahousse, all the same). “I’m supposed to make my comeback on Franceinfo on Monday, but given the level of the new generation that is coming, is it really necessary? », Replied Samuel Étienne kindly. But the friendly exchange does not stop there, to the delight of the young boy.

I will present the morning of Wednesday September 1 with Samuel Étienne! It was the director of information for Franceinfo, Laurent Guimier, who told me about it. Samuel Étienne was not aware, because he was on vacation, and we spoke last night by messages! He told me he was very happy.

LouanCollege student near Rouen, eager to become a journalist

One to two videos produced per week

Thus, Louan will soon find himself on a Parisian television set, to present what could be small chronicles alongside his idol. The exercise should not be very complicated for him, since the boy trains “regularly”, and makes “one or two videos a week”, and this, in complete autonomy. “I prepare my texts in advance, it can take about an hour. Then I do a copy / paste on a computer [qui les fait défiler à la manière d’un prompteur, NDLR]. There are sometimes cut scenes… ”admits Louan, with a smile. A guideline, however: “You have to put forward the most important words of the sentence”. Well received !

For the rest, he waits to see how his television appearance will unfold. “I’m going to see if Samuel Étienne will give me any advice! One thing is certain, it is that he will not turn away from the dream of doing this job, which he considers a vocation. “I love informing people, doing research, preparing, then presenting… French is also my favorite subject. And his literary streak does not stop there, since Louan will join an English European class at the start of the school year.

We wish him great success!

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