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Clay fell victim to fraud and inadvertently lost thousands of euros: Apparently he came across a fake e-mail! – Topky


In the beginning, it must be said that every company account on a social network with greater human intervention has a certain “budget” for its promotion, or if you want a package of money. These can be used to promote a site, account or company that presents itself on the social network Facebook. However, its consistent security and overview of current cyber threats, which the Hlinovs probably did not have, is important.

Source: Topky

Loss of thirteen thousand euros from a social network account

“Bad news (for us, I know someone will be happy): Hackers have robbed us of more than 13,000 euros,” began briefly the status of Clay.

According to what Hlinka describes in the statute, the fraudsters who submitted it targeted Facebook users focused on the area of ​​virtual currency – cryptocurrencies. They then fraudulently ordered an extremely expensive advertisement, which they promoted in the areas of Central Europe, whereby Hlina lost money to promote his own policy. The fraudsters had to gain control of his account, and the principle was simple and instructive to the public.

It started with a scam and it was already wrapped like a snowball

Clay even showed an e-mail that came to his inbox. “Facebook has warned us that we have posted a photo that is claimed by another entity. At the same time, there has been a warning that if this happens again, our site will be blocked.” describes the complicated situation of Clay, at the end of which he apparently lost control of his own account.

In this case, the fraudsters based the pretext of the e-mail on the fact that Hlina was supposed to publish a kind of photograph that infringed copyright, which did not happen either. “Knowing that we did not use any photo that would infringe copyright, we objected to this fact in the attached link. We assume that our FB account was subsequently hacked through this link,” mentions retrospect Clay.

How not to fly fraudsters

The principle is simple – to rob the site administrator to think that he is communicating with Facebook’s technical support, but this did not happen in this case, and Hlina apparently came across them. The name already had doubts when it presented itself as “Fb page’s”. One then gets the impression that he is communicating with social network technicians, but that is exactly what fraudsters are about. They will then receive data from you, which they will use for their own purposes, in this case the purchase of expensive advertising.

“Be careful who blames you for doing something wrong. It’s often the biggest imposter, hypocrite and Pharisee. I have several similar political experiences, and now one from the social network.” warns the public Hlina against the sent scam.

Story with happy end

This is not the rule, but this story has a happy ending and the politician managed to get his money back after almost a month of negotiations with Facebook administrators. “After more than a month, we were able to arrange a refund with Facebook. I want to appreciate Facebook’s approach – they could play the ‘dead bug’ and pretend they had nothing to do with it. They didn’t do it, they behaved fairly, for which we thank them, ” finally writes Clay.

There is also a lesson to be learned from this story, namely that if you are an administrator of a company website, it is necessary to verify the authenticity of e-mails sent from third parties and whether it is really a social network Facebook and do not provide the requested data at any cost without obvious justification. or click on suspicious links.


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