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United States: the American police officer who killed a demonstrator during the assault on the Capitol cleared by an investigation – franceinfo


The agent had fired Ashli ​​Babbitt, unot demonstrating came to protest against the certification of the victory of Democrat Joe Biden, January 6 in Congress.

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The American police officer who shot dead a female protester on January 6, when a group of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol where Congress is based in Washington, acted in accordance with the rules of his work according to an internal investigation, Capitol police said Monday (August 23) in a statement.

“After interviewing several witnesses and reviewing the available evidence, including radio and video calls”, the Capitol Police Professional Liability Office “determined that the officer’s behavior had been legal and in accordance with departmental policy, according to which an officer may use lethal force when he reasonably believes that such action is intended to protect human life, including the life of the ‘agent himself “. The policeman, who has not been identified for his own safety, will not be subject to internal disciplinary action.

The policeman shot Ashli ​​Babbitt, 35, as she tried to force a door with dozens of other protesters. The protester, former soldier and fervent supporter of the then Republican president, was came to protest against the certification of the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. Donald Trump had called his death murder.

This agent and his family have been the subject of several credible and specific threats “ for an act that happened “as part of the work of all our agents: defending the Congress, its members, its staff and the democratic process”, said the Capitol police in the press release. She considers that the agent’s actions have “potentially saved members and staff (of Congress) from serious injury and possible death” in front of “a large crowd of rioters”.


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