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Telekom has a new fixed internet offer also for business clients (+ prices) – Živé.sk


Telekom has a new fixed internet offer also for business clients (+ prices)

Telekom will renew its Biznis Net fixed internet offer from Thursday. Clients will get higher speeds and will be able to purchase a faster upload package.

Business OptikNet Programs:

  • M – 70/20 Mbit / s or 150/40 Mbit / s in Magente 1 for EUR 13.9
  • L – 400/140 Mbit / s or 600/200 Mbit / s if you are in a loyalty group for 19.9 euros
  • XL – 600/200 Mbit / s or 800/280 Mbit / s if you are in a group for 23.9 euros
  • XXL – 800/280 Mbit / s or 1 / 0.3 Gbit / s if you are in Magenta 1 for 25.9 euros
  • Max – 1 / 0.3 Gbit / s for 30.9 euros and a 3-euro monthly discount if you are part of a group

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Telekom is changing the offer of fixed internet: New speeds, packages and prices

ADSL will continue to offer three programs and the same speeds. VDSL packages are changing. KlasikNet programs, where the new speeds are listed as from-to:

  • M – 5-15 / 1.7-5 Mbit / s for 13.9 euros
  • L – 15-30 / 1.7-5 Mbit / s for 17.9 euros
  • XL – 30-50 / 2.7-8 Mbit / s for 20.9 euros
  • XXL – 50-70 / 3-9 Mbit / s for 23.9 euros
  • Max – 70-90 / 3.7-11 Mbit / s for 25.9 euros

Purchase additional upload

Clients will also be able to activate a higher upload. It costs 3 euros per month with a commitment or 3.98 euros per month without it.

Upload for optical programs:

  • M to 40 Mbit / s or 75 Mbit / s if you are in a Magenta 1 group
  • L at 200 Mbit / s or 300 Mbit / s if you are in a group
  • XL to 280 Mbit / s or 300 Mbit / s if you are in a loyalty group

For VDSL programs, the speed variance changes again:

  • M a M + from 1.7-5 to 2.6-8 Mbit / s
  • L + from 2.7-8 to 3.6-11 Mbit / s
  • XL from 3-9 to 4-12 Mbit / s
  • XXL from 3.7-11 to 4.3-14 Mbit / s


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