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Antonella: “I surgeon in Be’er Sheva, I travel by bus a nightmare with missiles in the distance”


“I am a pediatric surgeon at Be’er Sheva hospital, quite close to the Gaza Strip. Every day I go to work by public transport, living in Jerusalem. The bus ride is creepy, as soon as you see something in the sky, you have to stop, lie down on the ground and repair your head with anything. They are rituals known to all, rhythms that mark our days, at home, at work, on the street. The situation is very heavy, it is depressing, it is panic “. Antonella Nahum is an Israeli doctor who at Adnkronos tells the days of the conflict between desperate races to save herself at every alarm, eyes aimed at the horizon to spot any incoming missiles and return to homes where you no longer sleep. “A little while ago the umpteenth siren sounded, we fled to one of the many shelters in the hospital, areas where people gather to avoid the rockets. I was in the clinic with two Bedouin parents and their newborn baby – he says – at the signal we started running, everyone helps the other, we are all in the same boat. The sound of the sirens is indescribable, hallucinating, something that enters your ears and heart and does not come out. skin, the noise is atrocious. Children are arriving injured by the attacks of these days, we have a landing strip for helicopters. You never get used to all this, to war: regardless of who you are under the knife, it is something that it touches you because every time you think that, in its place, in that operating table, there could be you or a loved one “. (by Silvia Mancinelli)



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