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Gianfranco Di Segni: “missiles from Gaza from the windows, conflict has entered homes”


“From the windows you can see the missiles coming from Gaza. When you hear the signal, the whole population goes to take refuge either in their homes or in the public shelter. In Jerusalem there were no major riots, from my window I saw only one series of girls who threw stones in the street and the police who quickly dispersed them. It is in other cities, such as Lod, Ramla, that there have been very serious assaults by Arab citizens living in the same city, even in the the same neighborhood, in the same building. The neighbors, with whom until a week ago we lived in the most peaceful or normal way possible, suddenly took to the streets, burned the cars of the Jews, got into their houses, destroying them with tear gas bombs. It is something we did not expect, something that made us very worried. How is it possible to continue normal life in the city, with people who can no longer be trusted? “. Gianfranco Di Segni, father of the president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, tells the ongoing conflict from Jerusalem to the Adnkronos. A “proximity war” with the neighbor, with the merchant under the house, with the neighbor, with the companion of some chat exchanged on the stairs of the same building. “What is not clear enough in Italy – he says – is how all this began: what the Arabs wanted to let the whole world know, managing with this to instigate in all Arabs the desire to riot, is that they fought for Jerusalem, a Jerusalem usurped and conquered by the Jewish ‘invader’. They accused us of having occupied the mosque of Omar, of having thrown them out of their homes to transform a neighborhood that is inherently Arab into Jewish. another: Arabs and Jews live together in that neighborhood, four Arab families for 20 years refused to pay the rent to the Jewish owners, saying that they had received those houses from the government of Jordan and in their opinion they did not have to pay anything. judge who recognized the ownership of the Jews, but at the time of the eviction, the Jews did not leave their homes, saying that they would appeal to the Constitutional Court, which has not yet decided “.” So c As for the Omar Mosque – continues Di Segni – during Ramadan 10 thousand people, instead of going to pray, began to throw stones on the wailing wall and stones on the Jews who were below. The policemen entered in an attempt to make them stop and from there the first scuffles arose. They accused us of wanting to conquer, destroy and burn Arab mosques, especially the most important in the Middle East. Lies as big as a house. If we had not been able to defend ourselves in such a way as to eliminate 90 percent of the missiles that are fired at us, two thousand missiles thrown by the Arabs would have killed thousands. When we drop bombs, and we want to throw them because it’s the only way to solve the problem, we make many more victims because they don’t have shelters. “” It’s true that when we drop a bomb on a place from where they shoot, in the same place we they are also civilians who go around, but we have to see who these civilians are. Because the civilians who tell them come to throw stones and incendiary balloons, and the children they talk about and accuse us of killing, are 17 and a half year old boys more aggressive than the elderly – concludes Di Segni – The bombs that the Arabs send from Gaza on Israeli citizenship are launched directly on homes and settlements while ours are exclusively military actions, including antennas and radio contacts, trying exclusively to bomb what are the missile factories, missile positions, homes of the leaders of the Arab revolt. If in all this someone who is not a fighter or a child is killed, it happens in all wars and it is only the fault of those who started the bombings, certainly not us “. (By Silvia Mancinelli)



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