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VIDEO – Fires in Greece: the island of Euboea again devastated and evacuated – LCI


Evia again in flames. Two weeks after seeing the north of the island ravaged by a forest fire, teams of firefighters and water bombers are fighting this time in the south.

The forest fire was moving towards the seaside resort of Marmari, 200 km northeast of Athens, where authorities were preparing an evacuation of the population by boat, according to the Athens News Agency (ANA). Forty-six firefighters were battling the blaze near Fygia, in the south of the island of Evia, supported by twenty trucks, three water bombers and two helicopters, authorities said.

Teams of firefighters deployed by the hundreds in Greece, with foreign reinforcements, remained mobilized in the face of the risks of resurgence on the island of Euboea, hit hardest by these fires, and in the region of Arcadia, on the peninsula. from the Peloponnese, when strong winds were forecast.

The increasing fires across the globe are associated with various phenomena that scientists anticipate due to global warming. According to them, repeated heatwaves are an unequivocal marker and heat waves are called to multiply, lengthen and intensify: an ideal combination for the development of fires.

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