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Telekom changes the offer of fixed internet: New speeds, packages and prices – Živé.sk


The operator will start selling the new portfolio from Thursday. Not only ADSL programs change.

From August 26, Telekom will adjust the Magio Internet offer and bring updated programs. The three lower programs will be one euro more expensive. Members of the Magenta 1 group will benefit.

The change affects optical and VDSL programs. The ADSL offer does not change.

Faster optics

The operator will sell four programs at the optician. Their price will increase and the speed will increase, the good news is that the upload will also increase.

“Telekom has changed the ratio of speed of downloading and sending data. The latest will be in a ratio of 5: 1, which in practice will bring much faster data transfer speeds, “says the company.

The operator benefits customers who use a combination of fixed and mobile services in Magenta 1. They get higher speeds for the same price:

Guaranteed and maximum speed

Telekom also introduced a new portfolio of VDSK programs in metallics. Customers will have a choice of five packages. The upload speed will also increase and the novelty will be that the operator introduces a pair of speeds for the first time.

“The first is guaranteed, ie the minimum speed of the profile that the customer will achieve. The second is the maximum that will be available for the profile. Each profile has a variance set for both download and upload. It is still true that speeds are intended for measuring a fixed connection via a cable in the home (not Wi-Fi), “he explains.

New offer of VDSL programs:

The provider claims that in recent months it has focused on expanding VDSL cards in the network. In the coming weeks, it will increase speeds for ADSL customers. However, a new terminal will be needed. Clients will be proactively contacted so they can get higher speed.

With ADSL technology, the offer does not change. Specifically, these are M (4 / 0.5 Mbit / s), L (8/1 Mbit / s) and XL (15/1 Mbit / s).

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Higher upload for extra charge

The operator will also bring new accelerated upload packages. They will be available for both optical and VDSL programs. The fee will be EUR 3.98 per month without commitment or EUR 3 with commitment (until the end of the Smart Package).

Accelerated upload to optical programs:

  • Start to 20 Mbit / s or 30 Mbit / s if you are in a Magenta 1 group
  • Ideal at 100 Mbit / s or 150 Mbit / s if you are in a group
  • Extra to 200 Mbit / s or 300 Mbit / s if you are in a loyalty group
  • Max at 300 Mbit / s

For VDSL programs, the speed variance changes:

  • Start a Start + from 1-3 to 2-6 Mbit / s
  • Ideal a Ideal + from 2-6 to 3-9 Mbit / s
  • Max from 3-10 to 4-13 Mbit / s

The operator also allows you to get Magic Internet Security for three months free of charge and then for EUR 2.51 per month with a commitment. The offer is also valid for a family license (2x PC, 3x mobile) with a subsequent fee of 4.99 euros per month. If you buy a security product without obligation, you will receive it for free for two months.


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