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On Google Maps, you should soon know the cost of your trip – Frandroid


A message sent to members of the beta program of Google Maps suggests the arrival of a novelty on the mapping service: the display of toll prices. Waze, which is owned by Google, has already been offering it for several years.

Source: Isaac Mehegan via Unsplash

Constantly improving, Google maps will welcome yet another feature which should delight regular users of the mapping service. As revealed Android Police, which relies on Google messages sent to members of the Maps beta program, the Mountain View firm is reportedly working on a feature already seen on Waze.

Always a practical addition

Here, it would simply be a matter of displaying the price of tolls when planning a trip. This automatic addition has several advantages: it would accurately inform the cost of a route to its user (excluding expenses related to filling up with gasoline). If this is too high, everyone can choose another less expensive route, for example using national roads, even if it means extending their trip.

Google maps

Source: via Unsplash

At this time, it is not known whether Google will indicate the cost of each toll, or the total cost of the tolls taken. Bridges and other chargeable crossing points could also be affected. At present, only the indication “Route with toll” appears on your interface, without further clarification.

Thanks Waze

Here, the Mountain View firm is openly inspired by its Waze platform bought in 2013. As recalled Android Police, Waze has been offering this kind of functionality for about 3 years. When planning a trip, the service calculates a tariff estimate for the tolls crossed.

Regarding the calculation, the application explains that “the price of tolls is estimated based on the information added by the Waze community, your route and your settings – the actual price remains defined by the operator“. It is questionable whether Google will use Waze data to add it to Google Maps.

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