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Télématin: the show is back to school with a new decor and… a technical bug! – Telestar


Monday August 23, Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali took the helm of Télématin for a comeback in joy and good humor. However, the two hosts also experienced their first technical bug.

The first technical bug did not take long to arrive. Monday 23 August, Thomas sotto and Julia Vignali made their first Télématin show together after the departure of Laurent Bignola, and set the tone for the morning of France 2, from 6.30am. And who says new presenters, also says small changes, such as the decor of the show which has undergone a refresh, but also new credits, punctuated by the voice of Freddy Mercury on Don’t stop me now by Queen. However, if everything seemed to be going well, the show had its live live. first technical bug of the season, and this during the presentation of the newspaper by Johanna ghiglia.

Indeed, the journalist who replaces Karine Baste-Régis has been interrupted by voices of the management, which were broadcast on the set of the show accidentally, bringing it to a halt in the exercise. A first little bug for Julia Vignali and Thomas sotto, who left RTL, on which the two hosts preferred to bounce back while joking, rather than being disconcerted for their first Télématin together. And this perhaps to respond to the new DNA of the morning: “to wake up in a good mood “. “It will be a morning very different from the ‘hard news’ offered by the news channels. It will be followed, every day, by Kindergartens, who arrive on France 2 at 9:30 am”, had even warned Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, the director of antennas and programs of France Televisions.

This humorist who joins Télématin

In addition to these changes of scenery and DNA, a whole new team has been remodeled to support viewers every morning. “With Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali, from Monday to Thursday, and Damien Thévenot and Maya Lauqué on weekends, it’s a new team surrounded by a tight band with more humor, while dealing with the substantive news in height “, thus warned the director of antennas and programs of France Televisions, who had also specified that humor would be at the rendezvous with Alex Vizorek.

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