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PSG: blow for the debut of Lionel Messi – Goal! Football club


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The return of Lionel Messi (34) to Barcelona did not last very long. For a weekend with the family, some business to settle at his property in Castelldefels and please the children, the Argentine star will be present at Camp des Loges this afternoon for the resumption of training for PSG. .

His goal is already clear: a first appearance in the group on Sunday in Reims at the end of the 4th day of L1 (8:45 p.m.). “It was a very good week (last) for Leo in training. Next week will be long but, if all goes well, we hope he can already be in the squad and start making the squad at a competitive level, ”Mauricio Pochettino told ESPN. To do this, Messi has already resumed collective sessions for several days, while continuing his physical preparation in parallel.

From now on, it is his integration into the team that will be discussed. “The subject inevitably torments Pochettino and his staff,” explains L’Équipe, which is betting on a replacement role in Reims. Nevertheless, if one relies on the methodology of the Argentine technician since the resumption of the season, his compatriot player could be on the bench on Sunday, before taking his first steps in Ligue 1. It is all the same to little almost acquired that, if Messi is on the scoresheet, he will have playing time. “

to summarize

If he intended to start against Stade de Reims next Sunday at the end of the 4th day of L1 (8:45 p.m.), Lionel Messi (34, PSG) might have to wait a bit. Mauricio Pochettino is expected to place him on the sidelines.


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