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Mária Čírová published photos from a beautiful wedding. What is the essence of a happy marriage for her? –


The Slovak singer spreads positive energy around her, which she just can’t see. Thanks to this, he is not only one of the most popular Slovak performers, but also personalities whose lifestyle can be exemplary.

Mária Čírová she was only 20 years old at the time when she became known in Slovakia thanks to the then existing competition. The sympathetic singer, who became famous for her hit Búrka, surprised the public in a few months – by saying that she carries a baby under her heart. They fell in love with producer Marián Kachút, who helped her with the mentioned song, just while composing the song.

As Maria has often admitted, few people gave their love a chance. There is not only a 15-year age difference between the couple, but while the singer was basically still a teenager, Marián had already had an unsuccessful marriage. Nevertheless, Mary followed her heart and did not listen to the unsolicited opinions and advice of others. And she seems to have done more than well – she and her husband celebrated just a few days ago beautiful anniversary.

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For better or for worse

Although they are Kachútovci spouses “only” four years, they have been together for 13 years. During this period, they jumped, like any couple, with difficult tests, which they passed very well. Today, they are the parents of three beautiful children and appear on social networks as a model family.

However, the harmony that prevails between the couple did not just happen. They are constantly working on their relationship – and that, according to the singer, is a recipe for a happy marriage. “Many people enter into marriage with the fact that it is a beautiful box full of all sorts of pleasant things that we have longed for for so long … friendship, intimacy, respect. But the truth is that marriage is an empty box at the beginning, and before we can pick something out of it, we have to put something in it, ” revealed Maria.

She also openly admitted that living together he is not bound only by passion and love. Without other things, even the strongest bond is declining. “Marriage is not love. Love is in people and people put it into marriage. Marriage is no romance, it must penetrate the marriage. Every single couple must learn the art and form a habit of giving, loving, serving, honoring, showing interest or appreciation and keeping the box full. If we take more of it, or extract more than we put in, the box will be empty, ” she added to the shots that capture her big day. He looked really fabulous and it seems that Maria is shining just like on a given day and now.


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