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Minutes of horror on board the plane: Fear of bombing provoked a bad translation – Topky


New technologies, which we always carry in our pocket thanks to smartphones and the Internet, bring us a lot of relief in everyday life. However, we should not blindly trust the information we can obtain in this way, as shown last week’s incident at Frankfurt Airport.

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The suspects’ messages were translated via mobile phone

Several passengers suspected four Indians on board a Lufthansa plane to Cancun, who were writing reports shortly before takeoff. The suspicious texts on mobile phones were eventually photographed and translated by other passengers through a translation program – according to the police, there was a “fatal misunderstanding”.

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The passengers then feared that the four men might intend to commit a suicide attack – most of the passengers were very uncertain. Speculation was also fueled by the fact that the Indians had only light hand luggage with them and sat in various places in the machine.

The Indians had “only” forged documents with them

Subsequent searches with tracking dogs were unsuccessful, but one in four suspects resisted preliminary detention. The interrogation finally revealed that the Indians wanted to enter the United States via Mexico with the help of forged documents. Correct criminal prosecution was initiated against the quartet for violation of the Aviation Safety Act, and they must also be responsible for the alleged falsification of documents. The flight to Mexico was no longer possible that day.


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