NewsWorldAfghanistan, Biden: "Taliban? So far they have kept their...

Afghanistan, Biden: “Taliban? So far they have kept their promises”


Trust in the Taliban? “I do not trust anybody”. Joe Biden answers some questions about the situation in Afghanistan at a press conference at the White House and talks about the regime established a week ago in Kabul. “The Taliban – says the US president – are looking for legitimacy, they are trying to understand if they will be recognized by other countries. So far the Taliban have not taken action against American troops and have kept their promises. We will see if what they say will turn into reality” . The alternative at the end of the war was to send even more soldiers to Afghanistan. Biden defends the decision to withdraw American soldiers from the Afghan theater. “At the end of the day, if we hadn’t left Afghanistan now, when would we have left it? In a year? In ten? … I don’t want to send your children to fight” and the withdrawal was the “logical decision” Regarding the evacuations, Biden explains that so far “about 11 thousand people have been evacuated, with civilian and military aircraft” and the commitment is to get American citizens out of Afghanistan “as soon as possible”. “Every American who wants to go home will go home”, the American president says. The evacuation from Afghanistan is an “incredible, unprecedented operation, but evacuating thousands of people will be difficult and painful, there is no way to evacuating without feeling pain and seeing those images on TV broke my heart “says Biden admitting that the situation is fluid and” something could also go wrong. ” The president then thanks the allies. “I heard the leaders of different countries, such as Italy, Germany and Spain who are making a great contribution and vital support “to the evacuation operations from Kabul.” I thank all our partners for working in such a united way “.


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