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Zuzana lost a big package in the vaccination lottery: ONLINE How will the second round go? – Topky


Even if the competitors do everything as they should, they may lose the last second. Zuzana from Prešov was also convinced of that. She watched the lottery through the computer, and there may be a delay in transmission for a few seconds. That became fatal for Zuzana. When she had to say the password from the screen within 20 seconds, she didn’t make it because of the delay. She thus lost a fabulous 400,000 euros.

Zuzana lost a fabulous win in the last second

Changes in the competition rules

The Ministry of Finance (MF) has published the amended statute of the Being Healthy is a win competition. The department’s press department informed about it on Friday afternoon. The password that the contestant in the Sunday vaccination lottery must say when the moderators call him after drawing his code will be communicated well in advance of the call. The password should also be heard from the moderators due to the blind.

OĽANO considers the vaccination lottery a success: Shame is said to be Pellegrini’s character

The password should no longer be a problem

RTVS, which broadcasts Sunday evening’s draw, also commented. PR manager Filip Púchovský explained that the password will be brought to the studio by the guest in an envelope and read aloud after opening, then the password will be displayed on the LED wall in the studio, where it will be available until the call with the competitor from the competition round.

“The password will also be displayed several times in the bar on TV screens. The total time during which viewers will be able to see the competition password will thus exceed many times the possible average delay caused by different types of transmission of the broadcast signal.” Púchovský explained.

They also thought of the handicapped

“The dramaturgy also takes into account the handicapped competitors and their opportunities to participate in the competition. Sunday’s session will be interpreted into sign language and there will also be closed captions for audiences with hearing impairments,” Púchovský remarked, adding that guests and moderators will also repeat the password several times, so that it can be captured by visually impaired competitors.

“We have expanded the possibilities of assistance for people with disabilities, so that their password can be answered by phone, for example, their loved ones. We meant not only the disabled, but also seniors, who can also use the help of their family members or acquaintances they trust.” said the Ministry of Finance.

We will shine light for the second part of the competition in our ONLINE broadcast:

21:30 He will be sued for 200,000 euros because Ivan did not pick up the phone. Karin Haydu came on stage. It’s hard to hear, she has something with a microphone. She brought the slogan “Happy Moment”.

21:26 Gladiator plays the song I Don’t Want to Lose You.

21:25 Ivan from Žilina did not pick up the phone at the limit. He will receive a thousand euros for registering.

21:23 Piško draws a promising winner with his left hand. It’s Ivan from Žilina. The notary has verified the ticket, he is about to make a phone call.

Source: RTVS

21:21 Rasto Piško says that it is necessary to trust experts, even those who have survived the disease or not.

21:19 The following is a report about a woman who overcame Covid-19.

21:16 Another guest is Rasťo Piško and he brought the motto “Immunity”. The password can also be seen on the studio screen.

21:10 They’re calling him right now, Tomas picked up the phone. Vera thanked him for getting vaccinated. Tomas said the correct password and won 100,000 euros. He received another thousand euros to do so for registering.

Zuzana came in the vaccine

Source: RTVS

21:07 The tickets in the drum were shuffled again and Žeňa drew another hopeful winner of 100,000. He is Tomáš from Vranov nad Topľou.

21:06 The woman is also vaccinated because she also works among the people in the theater.

21:00 The following is a report about a taxi driver from Košice. He said why he could be vaccinated. In his own words, he wanted to feel safe. He admits that he does not want to wear a veil. He feels free without him. “If we were all vaccinated, it would be freedom,” he said.

Zuzana came in the vaccine

Source: RTVS

20:59 Actor Yevgeny alias Zhenya Libesnuk comes on stage. He brought the slogan “Hope”.

20:51 The gladiator is now playing his song.

20:49 Manuela is totally upset about winning.

20:46 Manuela just listens to the show. The slogan correctly said “Big Win” and has half a million euros.

20:43 The tickets are being mixed in the draw drum. Miko Hladký was the first winner to draw Mrs. Manuel from Bratislava. The ticket is now checked by a notary.

20:40 The motto of the draw is the Big Win, it was heard from Mike Hladký. The password also appeared in the lower left corner of the screen.

Zuzana came in the vaccine

Source: RTVS

20:39 The musical guest is Miko Hladký from the group Gladiator.

20:37 Forgáč and Wisterová recall changes in the rules. The lottery drum will have more opening windows for the draw to reach everyone.

20:36 Moderators show a vaccination map.

Zuzana came in the vaccine

Source: RTVS

20:32: There are 1,482,252 tickets in the fate, the percentage of fully vaccinated is 39.4 percent. The first dose for the last is 27,550 vaccinated.

20:30 – Moderators Marcel Forgáč and Vera Wisterová greeted the audience and thank us for letting ourselves be vaccinated. The game is about 500 thousand euros. The whole session is translated into sign language.


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