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Are you looking forward to the Tesla Model Y? We have good news: the first deliveries are starting!

When does the Tesla Model Y arrive in France?

The first deliveries of Tesla Model Y in France will take place during the month of August 2021. If you were one of the first to order the electric car, the wait shouldn’t be very long and you should receive it within a few days or weeks.

The first electric SUVs sold in France will be produced at the Shanghai Gigafactory in China. Before the European plant in Berlin took over.

© Tesla

Initially, only two variants of the five-seater vehicle were offered. The first customers to be delivered are those who have chosen the Grande Autonomie model. Customers of the Performance model will have to wait a few more weeks.

It is now possible to test Model Y in many Tesla stores. All dealers will offer a test model by October.

What is the range and the technical sheet of the Tesla Model Y?

Tesla Model Y datasheet

© Tesla

According to Tesla, the Grande Autonomie model offers a range of action of 505 km in a single charge (WLTP). The Performance model has a range of 480 km. This second variant has an acceleration that will stick you to the seat: the Tesla Model Y Performance goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds.

Tesla Model Y
Great autonomy
Tesla Model Y
Dimensions 2,129 x 1,624 x 4,751 meters 2,129 x 1,624 x 4,751 meters
Unloaded weight 1,923 kg 2,010 kg
Power (horsepower) 384 456
0-100 km / h 5s 3.7 s
Motorization Dual Motor all-wheel drive Dual Motor all-wheel drive
Autonomy 507 km 480 km
Maximum speed 217 km / h 241 km / h
Charging socket Type 2 Combo (CCS) Type 2 Combo (CCS)
Price From 59,990 € From 66,990 €

Thanks to a very low battery placement, one can expect a particularly stable vehicle when cornering. Given what Tesla has accustomed us to so far, we can hope for muscular cars with a clear recovery and fairly firm suspensions.

The vehicle is equipped with the same safety and driver assistance devices as the other models. The Performance model is sold with 21 ″ rims while the Grande Autonomie model comes with a choice of 19 ″ or 20 ″ rims.

What price do Tesla Model Ys sold in France cost?

Tesla Model Y configuration

© Lemon squeezer

The French price for the Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie starts at € 59,990. The Tesla Model Y Performance is instead offered at € 66,990.

As for the options, the Pearl White paint is offered as standard at no extra cost. Plain Black, Night Gray Metallic and Ultramarine Blue Metallic are available for an additional € 1,190.

If you fall for the Red Multilayer version, you will have to count an additional 2,100 €. Likewise, the 20 ″ Induction rims on the Grande Autonomie model are invoiced at an additional 2,100 €.

The black and white interior is an option at € 1,190. The improved Autopilot is still a fairly expensive option at € 3,800 – as is the “Fully Autonomous Driving Capability” that you won’t be able to use initially – billed at € 7,500.

In total, the Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie with all the options will cost you € 76,680. The Tesla Model Y Performances all options costs € 81,580.

Tesla Model Y: what does the design look like?

Tesla Model Y interior design

© Tesla

The Model Y uses the same design language as the brand’s other cars. The names of the various Tesla models form the word “S3XY” – and Model Y is simply the latest example of that Elon Musk-like sex appeal.

When you look at the vehicle, however, everything screams “Model 3!”. It must be said that the two cars share some 70% of spare parts – if you know the Model 3 then you will not be surprised by the design of the Model Y.

However, we will come back to this, the two cars are very different. The Model Y is a significantly more spacious SUV. And it clearly shows on the inside. The interior of this vehicle is particularly comfortable.

The Performance model can carry five adults without any discomfort. An optional third row seat on the Grande Autonomie model can increase the number of seats to seven – the option in question is however, for the time being, not available in France.

Tesla Model Y interior design

© Tesla

As with the other models, the interior design is minimalist, to say the least. The only real fantasy is probably the 15 ″ multimedia screen which serves as a dashboard and allows you to control all the functions of your Model Y.

Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3: what are the differences?

The Model Y and Model 3 are some of Tesla’s most popular models. In the United States, the Model Y is now even selling better than the Model 3. The real difference between Model Y and 3 is the volume of the passenger compartment and the lockers.

The Model Y is slightly larger in length, width and height. While the Model 3 offers in its trunk a volume of about 425 liters, the Model Y offers a much more comfortable space of 1,925 liters.

Tesla Model 3

A Tesla Model 3 / © Unsplash / Charles Deets

This is also felt on the comfort of the passengers. For example, in the rear, passengers have 13.5 additional centimeters to rest their legs.

Slightly tall people also have over 4cm of extra headroom. In fact, the Model Y is really a model designed to comfortably transport passengers whether in the Long Range or Performance variant.

If you really fancy a sportier driving experience and are less into SUV optics, the Model 3 is arguably a better choice. The variant is indeed lighter and therefore enjoys a slightly better recovery, as well as better autonomy for the Long Range model.

The Model 3 Grande Autonomie still offers 614 km of autonomy compared to 505 km for its Model Y equivalent. The Model 3 Performance goes from 0-100 km / h in 3.3 seconds compared to 3.7 seconds for the Model Y Performance. .

When will the first Tesla Model Y be delivered in France?

The first Tesla Model Y will be delivered to French customers in August 2021.

What is the autonomy of the Tesla Model Y?

The Long Range variant offers up to 505 km on a single charge. For the Performance version, count 480 km instead.

What are the 0-100 km / h performance of the Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y Performance goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds. The Grande Autonomie variant passes the same test in 5 seconds.

What prices do Tesla Model Y cost in France?

The French price for the Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie starts at € 59,990. The Tesla Model Y Performance is instead offered at € 66,990.

What does the design of the Tesla Model Y look like?

The Tesla Model Ys look like the Model 3s – a vehicle with which the Model Y shares 70% of the parts.

What are the differences between Model Y and Model 3?

The Model Y takes the lines of the Model 3 but adds significantly more comfortable dimensions both to transport passengers, and to have more space in the front and rear lockers.


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