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The moderator of the show So don’t hesitate and shoot Eduard Hrubeš –


Eduard Hrubeš, the moderator of the well-known show So Don’t Hesitate and Turn, died at the age of 84.


Eduard Hrubeš, moderator of the well-known show So Don’t Hesitate and Turn, in an archival film.

Eduard Hrubeš, the moderator of the well-known show So Don’t Hesitate and Turn, died at the age of 84. Hrubeš was also a singer, composer, actor, director and screenwriter. The news of his death was confirmed to Czech television by his daughter, the news server wrote on Sunday.

Hrubeš studied film and television journalism at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and in 1967 began working in the Army Department of Czechoslovak Television.

During the normalization, he left television and instead of filming documentaries, he gave conferences at concerts by orchestras by Václav Hybš and Ladislav Štaidl, KTO and Kometa, summarized by

From the end of the 70’s he collaborated as a moderator, director, screenwriter and third trumpet player with the band Velkopopovická Kozlovka, where he eventually became the artistic director. Eduard Hrubeš experienced his greatest fame after the Gentle Revolution, when he worked in an Ostrava television studio and began moderating the entertainment show So Don’t Hesitate and Turn, which was broadcast in 1997-2007 and then briefly in the autumn of 2010. The show consisted of funny videos.

Hrubeš also presented memorial meetings in the Kavárnička program of previously born children, or wrote screenplays for Marie Rottrová’s show Dostaveníčko pod věží, the artistic career of the deceased was described by the server.


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