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Toulouse. The doctor Jérôme Marty will file a complaint against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan –


Jérôme Marty, general practitioner based in Fronton (Haute-Garonne), is the president of the union of the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML). (© RMC / Screenshot)

“We are going to make a symbol of your extremely serious accusation.” The tone is set.

Jerome Marty, general practitioner based in Pediment (Haute-Garonne), near Toulouse, is also the president of the Union Française pour une Médecine Libre (UFML). As such, he indicates, Saturday, August 21, 2021, his intention to file a complaint against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

In reaction to the ouster of Professor Raoult

The object of his wrath? A few hours earlier, the politician had spoken about the eviction of the professor Didier Raoult of the University Hospital Institute (IHU) of Marseille.

He then declared on Twitter: “Professor Didier Raoult saved lives by treating the sick early: he is fired. The others have thousands of deaths on their conscience by confining them to their homes with dolipran and they strut in the media ”.

Comments deemed defamatory

Remarks deemed defamatory by the doctor Jérôme Marty: “you have just publicly brought the most serious accusation against our corporation by defamatory remarks. I will therefore have the honor to lodge a complaint against you ”.

“I won’t spare you! “

And to add: “I will not spare you! We have accepted a lot for months, policies of which you are, which relay antiscience, fakenews, and obscurantism. Today you do more than insult us, we attack you ”.

Jérôme Marty intends to make this accusation a symbol: “For what the doctors, caregivers, who, every day fight against Covid-19 and who have never been unworthy, suffer in connection with the propaganda that you distill or that you relay, we will attack you ”.

A doctor who exposes himself publicly

This is not the first time that the doctor Jérôme Marty is thus exposed publicly on social networks.

On May 28, he also called in an open letter Jean-Marie Bigard and Françis Lalanne for their opposition to vaccination.

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