NewsWorldAfghanistan, Massoud: "No surrender, war inevitable if the Taliban...

Afghanistan, Massoud: “No surrender, war inevitable if the Taliban refuse dialogue”


No surrender, ok to an inclusive government with the participation of the Taliban, but war will be “inevitable” if the Islamic militants refuse dialogue. These are the concepts reiterated by Ahmed Massoud, son of the ‘Lion of Panshir’ killed by the Taliban on 9 September 2001, two days before the attacks on the Twin Towers, in an interview with al Arabiya. “We have faced the Soviet Union, we will be able to face the Taliban,” he said, after the militants gave a 4-hour ultimatum this morning for the Panshir Valley, the last core of the resistance, to surrender. Read also Ahmed Shah Massoud’s son then reiterated that he is ready to forgive his father’s killers if this is the condition for peace and security in Afghanistan, calling for the formation of an inclusive government. But if the Taliban refuse dialogue, war will be “inevitable”.


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