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The 5 things you should know this May 18: The ‘end’ in the Middle East would only be a truce


What are the requests of the National Unemployment Committee in Colombia? More and more places in the US are lifting the mask requirement. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


The ‘end’ in the Middle East would only be a truce

The current explosion of violence between the Palestinians and the State of Israel has yet to cause as many casualties as the devastating Gaza conflict of 2014, but in many ways it is a more bleak and foreboding episode. The confrontation is not limited to aerial bombardments and rocket fire on Gaza and southern Israel, but has spread to the streets of Israeli cities, to the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank. Tim Lister analysis.


More and more places in the US are lifting the mask requirement

A few days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that fully vaccinated people can, for the most part, stop wearing masks, more states and stores are announcing changes to their policies or removing the requirement. However, there are voices that affirm that the honor system, which implies that only those vaccinated stop wearing a mask, is not working.

These are the people who should still wear masks 1:14


What are the requests of the National Unemployment Committee in Colombia?

The demonstrations in Colombia have not stopped since April 28. What began as a massive protest, in the midst of the pandemic, against the tax reform, floated old requests made in demonstrations in previous years against the government of Iván Duque. Current demands range from withdrawing health care reform to illicit crops are not fumigated with glyphosate.

Two views on the protests in Colombia 6:05


European leaders gained more power during the pandemic

Democratic norms have been seriously affected in Europe by a year of restrictions, and experts now fear that power-hungry politicians may be reluctant to give up their almost total authority once the crisis is over.


The devastating consequences of the thaw in Antarctica

In an increasingly hot climate, domino effects or chain reactions could cause alterations in weather patterns around the world as a result of the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, according to a study.

Melting in Antarctica raises concern 0:41

At coffee time

This is Andrea Meza, the new Miss Universe, pride of Mexico and Latin America

At 26 years of age, Andrea Meza conquers the Miss Universe 2021 crown for Mexico. This was of what he said during the competition in his statements before the judges.

Andrea Meza, representative of Mexico, wins Miss Universe 1:01

AT&T spun off WarnerMedia and merged it with Discovery

AT&T and Discovery, Inc. announced an agreement whereby AT&T’s WarnerMedia will split and merge with Discovery in a new independent media company.

WarnerMedia and Discovery to join streaming services 1:08

Boom Supersonic aims to fly “anywhere in the world in four hours for US $ 100”

The start-up American Boom Supersonic is developing a Mach 2.2 aircraft that is more than twice as fast as today’s commercial airliners. But this is the long-term goal.

Commercial supersonic flights to travel the world in a short time 1:04

Why was sexual activity hit hard in the pandemic (and what to do to solve it)?

Couples can rewrite their own sexual script and arouse desire, even during a pandemic. Here a marriage therapist tells you how.

The impact of the pandemic on sexual relationships 0:55

Ariana Grande married Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande and real estate agent Dalton Gomez were married in a “small and intimate” ceremony of “fewer than 20 people,” a representative for the singer told CNN.

The number of the day


One of the largest hospital chains in the United States, Community Health Systems, has filed at least 19,000 lawsuits against patients in the last year, according to a CNN investigation.

Quote of the day

Should we have the Games? Yes we should. Can we keep them safe and secure? I think we can »

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe says he is confident that the Tokyo Olympics can be held safely.

They define the groups in the Olympic football of Tokyo 2020 0:53

Day selection

Almost 50% off a Samsung QLED TV

This advanced 65-inch display with 4K resolution is now half price.

And to finish…

US shows concern over military-spotted UFOs

Reports of UFOs in the United States to be investigated 1:02

After confirming the veracity of videos released by the Pentagon about unidentified flying objects, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense announced that he opened an investigation to determine what the military forces have done so far on these sightings, this a few weeks from a report to Congress on the same subject by part of the National Director of Intelligence and other officials.



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