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Lyon spoils everything – Debrief and NOTES of the players (OL 3-3 CF63) – Maxifoot


Despite a two-goal lead at the break, Olympique Lyonnais was caught by Clermont (3-3) this Sunday on the 3rd day of Ligue 1. A new poor performance for the Rhone club, betrayed by a defense disastrous and the awkwardness of its attackers.

Emerson and OL were caught on the line by Clermont.

Olympique Lyonnais thought they would hold their first victory. But Olympique Lyonnais has once again messed up. Despite a two-goal lead at the break and a fairly clear domination in the second period, the Rhone club collapsed to concede a draw against Clermont (3-3) this Sunday, during the third day of Ligue 1.

Particularly attractive in the game, the Gones, who lacked efficiency in the second half, showed signs of weakness in defense which took full advantage of the promoted to recover a very precious point in this hot derby.

Lyon regimes in the first period

The match had started a mile an hour. Under pressure in the first minutes, Clermont cracked from entering on a penalty conceded by Gastien and transformed by Dembl (1-0, 7th). A very clear domination before the cold shower. On a corner, Diomand panicked and cleared the wrong way to score with a header in his own goal (1-1, 13th). An equalizer that freed the promoted, very comfortable in the construction of the game and carried forward. But he was again surprised by Dembl, the lookout after a stop by Desmas in front of Paqueta (2-1, 24 ‘).

Well decided to drive the point home, OL left some space. Clermont could have taken advantage of it, but Bayo missed his recovery at close range. A standard rat that put the Lyonnais in confidence, more and more sharp in their bore. But the Clermontois did not lower their eyes and once again passed close to the equalizer without a standard parry of Lopes to avoid the subtle lob of Berthomier. Before the break, OL drove home the point on an exceptional action led by Paqueta, who relied on Guimaraes and Aouar to set Groupama Stadium on fire (3-1, 45 + 1).

OL left, Clermont took advantage

Back from the locker room, Lyon continued to dominate thanks to a very playful midfielder who perfectly exploited the gaps left by the Clermont defense. The visitors, who spent their time running behind the right one, exhausted themselves minute after minute and could no longer compete against the Gones, who were very much above technically. Despite everything, the men of Peter Bosz could not weigh down the mark, lack of efficiency in front of goal, the image of this big opportunity wasted by Dembl three against one.

In the last quarter of an hour, Lyon continued to waste. On the action that followed a new rat from Kadewere, Rashani, perfectly served by Bayo, easily got rid of Da Silva to adjust Lopes with a nice dive (3-2, 80th). A goal that set the Lyon defense on fire, jostled but held on. She was also not helped by the attack, very clumsy in the last moments, with Aouar and Toko Ekambi who ate the scoresheet many times. And what had to happen happened. On a last corner, Rashani took off to punish Lopes with the head (3-3, 90th + 3). A fun match!

The score of the match: 8.5 / 10

A very pleasant match to follow. The first half was very intense with two teams going from goal to goal, multiplying class gestures, the image of the fabulous goal scored by Paqueta. If the pace dropped after the break, Clermont never surrendered to get a deserved draw in the last quarter of an hour. Certainly one of the best games of the season so far.

The goals :

– On the lookout after an attempt repelled by Desmas, Dembl is mowed down in the area by Gastien. The Lyon striker takes care of the penalty by shooting the goalkeeper left, going right (1-0, 5th).

– On a corner hit from the right by Berthomier, Diomand, put under pressure by Hountondji, emerges from the wrong side and deceives Lopes head (1-1, 13th).

– Dcal on the left by Guimaraes, Emerson crosses strong in the box. The ball was carried around but was finally caught by Paqueta, who saw his shot be repelled by Desmas. On the lookout, Dembl does not need to be asked to shoot him point blank under the bar (2-1, 24th).

– Party on the right about forty meters, Paqueta achieves a majestic double one-two with Guimaraes. Entering the area, the former AC Milan player enchances with a third one-two with Aouar to deceive Desmas with a flat with a perfect low foot (3-1, 45th + 1).

– Gastien finds Bayo in the axis, which perfectly deflects the ball for Rashani. The Clermontois got rid of Da Silva on the shoulder before adjusting Lopes with a nice sharp point in a tight angle (3-2, 80 ‘).

– On the left, Gastien kicks his corner in the area towards Rashani. The Norwegian takes over Thiago Mendes and deceives Lopes with a perfect cross head (3-3, 90th + 2).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Elbasan Rashani (8/10)

Known to the French public before this match, the Norwegian striker overturned the table to make his presentation. Entered very anonymously, the former player of Rosenborg carried his team and all his partners on his shoulders to go to register an unlikely double. A nice pick after a big duel with Da Silva, an angry head to free the people of Auvergne, Rashani was very tall!


Anthony Lopes (4): this match will clearly not reassure the Portuguese goalkeeper … Apart from a nice tap in front of Berthomier in the first period, the Lyon goalkeeper did not release much. Yes, he gets shot on the two winning corners of Clermont. But if he wanted to impress his coach, he should have done it differently.

Lo Dubois (5): hesitant at the start of the match, with several drafts taken on the Mendy mountains, the Lyon captain has little recovered. He finally closed his lane tightly, failing to create danger there. Replace the 73rd minute with Malo Gusto (not rated).

Damien Da Silva (4): a solid first half. A second catastrophic act. Jostled in the last half hour, the central defender missed several raises and lost a fatal shoulder duel against Rashani on the second goal. Not reassuring. Replace the 83rd minute with Jason Denayer (not rated).

Sinaly Diomande (3): side of the plate. Scorer against his camp early in the game, the central defender was not reassured since he was often late, especially in his aerial interventions. Like the impression that he will quickly need to play alongside a boss to go up the slope.

Emerson (5): a shy first for the Lyon rookie. The left side was certainly the origin of the second goal on his powerful cross, but defensively, he had some difficulties, especially against Zedadka in the first half. Can do better.

Bruno Guimares (8): a high level performance for the Brazilian midfielder. Low point of the trio in the midfield, the South American has clear the game of his team regardless of his position on the field. Proof of this, he is the origin of the three goals with sharp passes forward but above all a school double one-two with Paqueta on the achievement before the break. A little less well in the second period. Replace the 83rd minute with Thiago Mendes (not rated), whistled his entry and guilty of a bad marking on Rashani on the last Clermont goal.

Maxence Caqueret (7.5): with slippers for more than an hour. The French midfielder made a very good copy thanks to its well above average technical quality. He was invaluable in building the game, often breaking Clermont’s first line of defense on his forward passes.

Houssem Aouar (7.5): it had been a while since the international tricolor had not made such a good copy. While we still thought inside after a dangerous loss of the ball early in the match, the Lyon midfielder enjoyed for more than an hour thanks to his technical accuracy, as on the goal scored by Paqueta. His many key passes created a flurry of situation for OL even if he can blame himself for his lost duel with Desmas at the end of the match.

Lucas Paquet (7): in an offensive role, the Brazilian ruled on certain sequences. Especially on his goal with three very high class one-two to dynamite the opposing defense. He was a little less regular than his partners but he too responded presently to hurt Clermont very badly. Replace the 73rd minute with Tino Kadewere (not rated), which has everything wrong when it comes into play.

Moussa Dembele (7): what if OL’s number 9 finally regained its effectiveness? This match could give him confidence. Scorer from the penalty spot after warming the gloves of Desmas, the French striker gave the advantage to his team on a realization full of opportunism. He has used the opposing defenders enormously by not hesitating to press the hurt to prevent them from playing higher.

Karl Toko Ekambi (3): ae … The Cameroonian striker, despite many opportunities in preferential positions, has almost failed. He gave the impression of being petrified when he presented himself against Desmas, as in the action late in the game to break in the fourth goal. A very complicated part …


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LYON 3-3 CLERMONT F. (mid-time: 3-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 3rd day
Stadium: Groupama Stadium, Lyon – Referee: Thomas Leonard, France

Goals : M. Dembl (5th, pen.) M. Dembl (21st) Lucas Paquet (45 + 2nd) for LYON – S. Diomande (12th, csc) E. Rashani (80th) E. Rashani (90 + 1st) for CLERMONT F.
Warnings : Bruno Guimares (30th), K. Toko Ekambi (45 + 3rd), for LYON – F. Ogier (52nd), S. Samed (85th), for CLERMONT F.

LYON : Anthony LopesD. Da Silva (J. Denayer, 82nd), S. DiomandeL. Dubois (M. Gusto, 73rd), EmersonMr. Caqueret, Bruno Guimares (Thiago Mendes, 83rd)H. AouarLucas Paquet (T. Kadewere, 74th), K. Toko EkambiMr. Dembl

CLERMONT F. : A. DesmasC. Hountondji, F. OgierA. Zedadka, A. Mendy (V. N’Simba, 79th)J. Iglesias (S. Samed, 60th), J. GastienJ. Berthomier (S. Khaoui, 69th)J. Dossou (J. Tell, 78th), J. Allevinah (E. Rashani, 69th)Mr. Bayo

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