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Church analyst: People with a test and a covide could also be released on the pope –


The conditions for participation in the meeting with the Pope polarize society and the church.

Aug 22, 2021 at 1:06 pm TASR

BRATISLAVA. The entire OTP group of people could be allowed to attend events with the Pope in September. These are the people who are vaccination, show a negative test or disease Covid-19 recently overcome. This is what church analyst Imrich Gazda thinks, who evaluated it for TASR from a layman’s point of view.

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“I think it would be less problematic for society than a clear condition that people must be vaccinated,” Gazda said. As he noted, this caused polarization not only in society but also in the church.

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Pope Francis he will also visit Hungary before visiting Slovakia.

“We see two different approaches here when comparing the Pope’s visit to Hungary and Slovakia. The Hungarian government will simply admit everyone to Pope Francis in Budapest, no proof of vaccination or a negative test will be required. Until a completely different approach has been taken in Slovakia, and thus that only people who are vaccinated will be allowed to meet with the pope, “the church analyst explained.

He pointed out that Pope Francis and the bishops of Slovakia again supported vaccination as a way to combat Covid-19.

“It was not the Vatican, nor were the Slovak bishops, who set the condition that only people vaccinated can come. It is a condition that the state has set itself,” Gazda said. He added that this was a condition that both the bishops and the Vatican accepted.

On Sunday, Slovaks have the last chance to be vaccinated with a single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine without mandatory prior registration, so that they will be fully vaccinated at the time of Pope Francis’s visit in September. And so they will have the opportunity to participate in events.

Pope Francis will visit Bratislava, Košice, Prešov and Šaštín on a September visit to Slovakia. It will meet with the three highest constitutional officials, but also representatives of the Jewish or Roma community. In Šaštín, the Holy Mass with the homily of the Holy Father is on the program.


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