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IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. The major damage caused by the violent storm around Saint-Avold – Lorraine Actu


The damage caused by the bad weather monopolized the intervention of the agents of Saint-Avold, the firefighters and the police during a good part of the night. (© Yildirim Umit)

Even Noah’s ark would have struggled to navigate facing this apocalyptic-looking sky.

In barely fifteen minutes Saturday August 21 around 10 p.m., most of the bad weather fell on Saint-Avold (Moselle), and particularly along rue de la Carrière adjacent to La Carrière college, but also at the level from rue du Wenheck linking Saint-Avold to Valmont (Moselle), another town duly affected by the storm phenomenon.

Very strong gusts of wind accompanied by a deluge of hail

While most of the stormy episode was expected in the Vosges department, placed in orange vigilance Saturday August 21 by Météo France, it is ultimately the east of the Moselle which suffered the most from the bad weather.

Beyond the few millimeters of hail that fell on the town of Saint-Avold and its surroundings in a quarter of an hour, violent gusts of wind caused the fall of several trees and infrastructures.

Water tubes responsible for light flooding

Following the first part of the storm, consisting of gusts of wind and a deluge of hail, exceptionally heavy precipitation caused a series of torrents in several streets of Saint-Avold.

Falling trees and temperature

10 kilometers from Saint-Avold in the village of Seingbouse (Moselle), a climatology enthusiast reports on Twitter “that a powerful gust of 126 km / h was measured [par Météo France] », Within the municipality.

The meteorological phenomenon has also left many trees on the ground in the eastern Moselle. In all, a fall of about fifteen trees was referenced by this Internet user during the night using data from Info trafic Moselle.

No victim is to be deplored according to our information.

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