NewsWorldAfghanistan, Trump attacks Biden: "Incompetent"

Afghanistan, Trump attacks Biden: “Incompetent”


The events that accompanied the exit of US forces from Afghanistan are “the greatest humiliation in foreign policy” in the country’s history. This was stated by former US president Donald Trump, accusing President Joe Biden of plunging Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban, even though the US military disengagement that triggered the collapse of the Kabul government was negotiated by its own administration. “Biden’s unsuccessful exit from Afghanistan is the most incredible display of incompetence on the part of a nation’s leader, perhaps of all time,” Trump said at a rally near Cullman, Alabama. Trump accused Biden of not following the plan developed by his administration and argued that “this is not a withdrawal, it was a total surrender.” The former president then claimed that the Taliban, with whom he had negotiated , respected him and pointed out that their swift conquest of Afghanistan would not have happened had he still been in office. “We could have come out with honor and instead we came up with the exact opposite,” he concluded.


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