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VIDEO The Russian star in the fight for the finals after the incident really exploded: I will sue you! – Sports


Daniil Medvedev looks at the injured hand after the camera incident Source: SITA / AP / Aaron Doster

CINCINNATI – Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev will not defend his title two years ago at the prestigious Masters event in Cincinnati, USA. His compatriot Andrej Rublev took care of the surprising elimination of the world number two, who did not triumph until the sixth duel, when he did not play a single set in the previous five.

The favored Medvedev won the first set smoothly 6: 2 and there was no indication that in the sixth duel with Rublev he should experience the bitterness of the loss for the first time. However, the course of the semifinals was affected by the incident, which took place at 1: 1 and 15:15 when Rublev was served.

The hand struck the camera

Medvedev, who ran in exchange, did not stop, and while trying to catch up with the ball at full speed, he crashed into the cameraman’s apparatus located on the court and his hand took it away, trying to dampen the impact. The enraged Russian immediately started to the referee, who came to make sure that the cameraman standing behind the camera was in order and that nothing happened to anyone.

Don’t you care about the players?

“I almost broke my arm, don’t you care about the players?” did not deny his bitterness Medvedev, to whom the referee tried to explain that the placement of cameras on the court is not within his competence and he is not responsible for it. However, the obviously determined Russian world number two could not be appeased, and Medvedev’s offensive continued even after settling down after losing the game. “I will sue you,” he frothed angrily and immediately called a physiotherapist for medical treatment.

Premiere win and sensational progress to the final

However, the break threw Medvedev himself more than Rublev, who played and played significantly better tennis than in the first set. The 6: 3 set he won was the first Medvedev to lose in a derby with Rublev so far. Medvedev tried to decide the opponent a few more times by requesting medical treatment, but the run-up Rublev did not hesitate and after another win of the 6: 3 set he celebrated the premiere win with Medvedev and also a sensational advance to the finals.

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