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Does Camille Combal have children? – Closer France


This Saturday, August 21, Camille Combal is in command of Camille & Images broadcast on TF1 from 9:05 pm The opportunity to learn more about his family life and its relationship with fatherhood.

Successful host, at the helm of Camille & Images this Saturday, August 21 from 9:05 p.m. on TF1, Camille Combal has he already been able to taste the joys of fatherhood? The answer is no but he does not hide his desire to have children. “We’ll see”, he told the magazine Star TV in December 2020. “I am modest about the character”, however, he recalled. For now, the presenter is mainly focusing on his career. “I know I’m living through the roaring twenties. I have fond memories of my old age and I hope to achieve great projects.

But if Camille Combal has yet to have children, he still enjoys the company of a dog, as his Instagram account proves. Simple happiness. “I am a happy man”, he continued. “I have a very simple life with my friends, my family, my job. Every day I wake up aware of the privilege I have to entertain. I know it can end very quickly. “ However, he is not short of projects. “I left my mountain life to make my dreams come true (…) There’s some left. ”

Camille Combal is in a relationship

There is no doubt that he could imagine himself at the head of his own family, he is so filled with love. Indeed, Camille Combal flows beautiful days in the arms of his wife – to whom he said “Yes“for life in 2019 – Marie. The beginnings of their history did not take place under the best of auspices. “I took the first step and it even took seven or eight before I have what is called in sociological language ‘a feedback’ “, he confided on Virgin Radio. “At first, it was me alone against a wall. You know, it’s like when you play tennis all alone. You don’t have friends and you play against a wall … Well that, it was my daily life for many months! The problem is, I can’t bet everything on the physical. “

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