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Did Jasmina shoot? She received a good shower of criticism for her statement about not taking pizza and derivation, how is she defending herself? –


Promoting the product incorrectly can get you in trouble. Jasmina probably exaggerated this gesture …

“I can eat pizza for dinner because collagen drains it”

Jasmina Alagič Vrbovská aa Zuzana Strausz Plačková a few weeks ago They launched the sale of collagen, which promises dehydration, weight loss and a better sense of self. From the first moment, both ladies are promoting it on their Instagram.

Thanks to a large fan base, this product sold out in just a few hours and was a huge success, and clients do not spare positive feedback on the results after use.

Was it a step next door?

However, Jasmina got a little burned during her graduated collagen. She added a story to Instagram, in which she showed how to go get a pizza and said that she would have it and then she would have her collagen. “I can eat pizza for dinner because it drains thanks to collagen. Like all of you who bought the last dose of collagen, “ she said.

Based on this statement, a wave of criticism was launched against her, and Jasmina’s verbal misstepment was also commented on, for example, by fitness Zora Czoborá. She pointed out that there is no pill that will make you fitness, we have to get everything done, and no collagen or anything like that can promise you any miracles.

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Jasmina Alagic, Zora Czoborova

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Alagic reacted to the situation in her stork, where she said: “It was all said with exaggeration, and I believe that the people watching me understood it that way. To judge my intelligence based on some stories on Instagram, okay. You know very well that I’m kidding me about a lot of things, even from myself. In addition, I published this story at a time when collagen had been hopelessly sold out for several days. “

Is collagen really that effective?

Many familiar faces graduate collagen in bulk. Is it really that necessary for our body? Experts say:“We cannot say that taking collagen supplements is better than adequate protein intake from food,” says pharmacist Marek Kajan.

“If you add extra collagen to a balanced diet, the body will not use the amino acid to make extra collagen. He would rather use them to make other necessary proteins, “ added an expert on the ocami_farmacie profile. He explained it all to us in this recent interview:


Our celebrities also promote collagen on a large scale, but we need to know more about it – says the expert

“There are studies that claim that collagen can help reduce wrinkles, improve hydration and elasticity, and increase overall collagen levels in the skin. The problem with these studies is that they have few participants and do not use a control group, the information from the studies thus obtained is not sufficient to draw clear conclusions. “

Promoting various products on influenza profiles often meets with criticism and misunderstanding. Modern advertising is largely based on the work of influencers. However, you need to choose those you trust and know you only promote products they really trust and have tried.

You’ll find countless ads and contests in some Star Face accounts. On the one hand, they will make your search job easier and the best purchase is through a recommendation, but care must also be taken.


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