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Green disgusts Lille – Debrief and NOTES of the players (ASSE 1-1 LOSC) – Maxifoot


Despite a multitude of opportunities in the second period, Lille conceded a draw on the lawn of Saint-tienne (1-1), this Saturday, the occasion of the 3rd day of Ligue 1. A new poor performance for Mastiffs who did not manage to kill the match against your very inspired Green.

Green saved the Greens against Lille.

Lille will have to wait before obtaining its first success in Ligue 1. Despite his overall domination, the French champion did not succeed in winning on the lawn of Saint-tienne (1-1), this Saturday, the occasion of the 3rd day.

Ineffective and repelled by yours Green in a big night, the Mastiffs were surprised at the end of the match by the Greens who never surrendered.

Yilmaz’s Lightning

Well in place, the Greens monopolized the ball early in the match, putting the feverish Mastiffs in difficulty, the image of Fonte, who missed a simple raise. An interesting first quarter of an hour for the locals who saw their opponents raise their voice and chop the game. The faults multiplied, the contacts were more and more rough, the battle in the middle was raging but neither of the two teams really took the top.

After 20 difficult first minutes, the Lille came out of their torpor and put themselves aside, especially towards Weah, more and more available. But the combinations were too rarely done in the right tempo, which allowed the ASSE to be replaced very easily. In this fog, Yilmaz, still him, emerged taking advantage of a bad tackle from Youssouf to adjust Green with a shot rolled up with the left foot in the skylight (0-1, 38 ‘).

Green holds on, Sow ignites the Cauldron

A goal that changed a lot of things for LOSC, much more seductive when they returned from the locker room. It also took three decisive interventions from Green to prevent Bamba, David and Yilmaz from making the break. On the other side of the field, ASSE was showing too little danger. Apart from a too soft strike from Camara and a fleeting attempt from Khazri, Grbic had a rather quiet first evening.

In the last quarter of an hour, Saint-tienne was playing it all for everything and leaving huge spaces behind. The proof on this against which could have hit the mark without a gag slip from David, yet perfectly placed in front of the goal. A big rat that weighed down the LOSC, since a few minutes later, Sow ignited the Cauldron by scoring with a perfect helmet hit on a corner from Nordin (1-1, 86th). Deserved for Greens who have not let go.

The score of the match: 6/10

A really average first half hour with very few opportunities. Subsequently, it improved, especially after Yilmaz’s goal, with a more reassuring LOSC and ASSE which, despite its obvious weaknesses, tried to come back, not letting go. There is a lack of rhythm to have had a great show even if the last quarter of an hour was ignited.

The goals :

– Bouanga badly adjusts a forward pass and it’s David who appears to recover the ball. The Canadian relies on Andr, who delivers for Yilmaz. Returning in disaster to intercept the Turkish pass to David, Youssouf puts the ball in the feet of Yilmaz, who back to goal, rolls a strike lightly touched by Green, too short to prevent the leather from slipping into his right window (0- 1, 38e).

– On the right side, Nordin kicks an outgoing corner at the far post. Sow flies over Djalo to place an unstoppable crosshead under the bar of Grbic, completely beaten (1-1, 86th).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: yours Green (8/10)

If he had a loose hand on Yilmaz’s opener, the Stphanois goalkeeper made a very important exit into the crowd to avoid the Lille break. In the second half, he intervened five times in front of Bamba, David, Yilmaz and Yazici to prevent his team from sinking. The great man of the evening among the Greens.


Etienne Green (8): read comment above.

Yvann Maon (6): a great activity in his lane for the right side which nevertheless tended to sink his head into the handlebars. Overall, he managed to do the job defensively in containing Bamba’s mounts.

Saidou Sow (7): an interesting copy made by the central defender, who distinguished himself with a saving tackle shortly after half an hour of play to prevent Yilmaz from defying Green. Moved in the second half, he released his best stretch to snatch the equalizer at the end of the game.

Harold Moukoudi (5): the former player from Le Havre had difficulty mastering Yilmaz, who was smart in his movements to avoid it. He could have done much better.

Timothe Kolodziejczak (4): difficulties contain Weah for the left side Forzien, who has often seen the American winger dive into his back. Offensively, he has nothing to contribute.

Mahdi Camara (5): the captain of ASSE suffered throughout the match. He was often overwhelmed by Xeka, who confused him on his travels. Despite everything, he didn’t let go.

Yvan Neyou Noupa (5): average. The Cameroonian midfielder made an impact but we saw too little in the offensive phases. He was pretty nervous overall. Replace the 80th minute with Lucas Gourna-Douath (not rated).

Zaydou Youssouf (4): the midfielder passed by Bordeaux missed his match. Not only, his weight in the midfield was almost zero. But in addition, he inadvertently hands the ball back to Yilmaz on the action of the opener with a badly mastered tackle. Replace the 58th minute with Arnaud Nordin (not rated), decisive passer on corner.

Romain Hamouma (4,5): a few sharp raids at the start of the match, then more for the Stphanois vtran. Well contained by the Lille side, he struggled to highlight despite a beautiful shot rolls close to hit the mark on the return from the locker room. Replace the 69th minute with Adil Aouchiche (not rated).

Wahbi Khazri (3): a completely failed match for the Tunisian striker. Alone, he never managed to put himself in the direction of the game to try to put in difficulty the colossi of the northern defense. An evening to forget for him despite a very slight burst of pride after the hour of play. Replaced the 81st minute by Jean-Philippe Krasso (not rated).

Denis Bouanga (3): he too had to. Yet active at the start of the match, the Gabonese striker was little colored. He is even guilty of a bad pass which led to the opening of Yilmaz’s score. Replace the 69th minute with Mathys Saban (not rated).

Lille :

Ivo Grbic (6): for his first with LOSC, the goalkeeper loaned by Atletico was rather solid, with often reassuring outings. However, we can blame him for moving to Sow’s goal, even if the Green’s header is unstoppable.

Tiago Djal (5): the Portuguese was solid throughout the match on his lane. But he loses the fatal duel against Sow on the equalizing goal. It is a real shame.

Jos Fonte (6): initially feverish with some concerns about his raises, the Portuguese central defender has come to his senses to be reassuring in his zone. Not much to report for him.

Sven Botman (7): a quality performance for the Dutchman. The Lille central defender never really trembled, excelling in his anticipations in front of the green attackers.

Reinildo (6): the Mozambican left lateral did the job. Defensively, he was very good at his folds. Offensively, it was unfortunately not served enough by Bamba, too personal.

Timothy Weah (5): unlike Bamba, the American winger was active by increasing the calls in the back of the defense in the first period. Despite everything, he was messy in his transmissions. Replace the 81st minute with Yusuf Yazici (not rated).

Benjamin Andr (5): a fairly average match for the Lille midfielder. He was feverish in the duels and even lost many balls before the break on unusually imprecise raises. We are still waiting for the best Andr.

Xeka (7): a tough match for the Portuguese midfielder. Efficient recovery, he broke the first Stphanois defensive line several times, the image of this beautiful sleazy badly negotiated by David. A serious copy for him.

Jonathan Bamba (3): disappointing. The Lille winger, who was returning once again to his training club, was not very dangerous apart from a floating strike in the second period. He generally gave the impression of wanting to play in his corner, forgetting many times to serve Reinildo on the left side. Replace 74th minute with Jonathan Ikon (not rated).

Jonathan David (5.5): failing to be effective in front of goal, the Canadian striker once again did a lot of work to wear down ASSE’s defense. His movements across the entire front of the attack and his clever dropouts were very helpful. It is also him who recovers the ball on the opening of the score of Yilmaz. On the other hand, he will blame himself for a long time for his slip at the end of the match despite an ideal position to adjust Green. Replace the 81st minute with Angel Gomes (not rated).

Burak Yilmaz (7.5): what would LOSC do without its Turkish striker? Better not to know it … This evening again, he was the best player of his team. Author of the opening of the scoring on a beautiful inspiration, he multiplied to hurt the Greens. If he was slowed down by Green twice in the second period, the northerner striker has tried everything to anesthetize the Greens thanks to his stalls and his many delays. It was not enough…

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And for you, who were the best and worst players of the game? Respond in the “comments” area below!

ST ETIENNE 1 – 1 LILLE (mid-time: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 3rd day
Stadium: Stade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint Etienne – Referee: Mikael Lesage, France

Goals : S. Sow (85th) for ST ETIENNE – B. Yilmaz (38th) for LILLE
Warnings : W. Khazri (80th), for ST ETIENNE – Tiago Djal (19th), B. Yilmaz (20th), Xeka (78th), for LILLE

ST ETIENNE : E. GreenS. Sow, H. MoukoudiY. Maon, T. KolodziejczakMr. Camara, Y. Neyou Noupa (L. Gourna-Douath, 80th), Z. Youssouf (A. Nordin, 58th)R. Hamouma (M. Saban, 69th), W. Khazri (J. Krasso, 81st), D. Bouanga (A. Aouchiche, 69th)

Lille : I. GrbicJos Fonte, S. BotmanTiago Djal, ReinildoT. Weah (Y. Yazici, 81st), B. Andr, Xeka, J. Bamba (J. Ikon, 75th)J. David (A. Gomes, 81st), B. Yilmaz

A convincing first for Grbic with Lille

Andr and Bouanga were able to

Yilmaz has yet launched the LOSC (0-1, 38th) …

… but Sow set the record straight (1-1, 86th)


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