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Afghanistan: are the current evacuations “the most difficult in history” as Joe Bide says – Franceinfo




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There are still tens of thousands of people to be evacuated in Afghanistan. An incredibly difficult and dangerous operation acknowledged Joe Biden, who spoke to justify the American position. But why are these transfers so complicated?

Day and night, there is no respite around the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, where thousands of Afghans remain massed in the desperate expectation of being able to flee. Evacuations turn into chaos: pour channeling crowd movements, the American and British soldiers, overwhelmed, use warning shots. “People get angry because they don’t have the right documents, they know their chances are slim”, abstract Daz Mc Mahon, a British soldier. Officially, the Taliban let go of those who are eligible, but the mere act of saying so seems to bother them.

Joe Biden tries to explain the slowness of the evacuations. “This is one of the most difficult air evacuation operations in history. I cannot make any promises on the final outcome or guarantee that it will be lossless.”, said the US president on Friday, August 21. For observers and experts in the region, it is a distressing improvisation. “OHe has no escape plan, which is truly delusional. Nothing has been set up “, deplores Gilles Dorronsoro, researcher specializing in Afghanistan.

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