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Fire in the Var: seen from the sky, an apocalyptic landscape after the passage of the fire – Franceinfo



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A. Richier, M. Bernouin, P. Feretti – France 2

France Televisions

Five days after the start of the fire which devastated entire areas in the Var, the damage seen from the sky is impressive. Many homes have burned down and there is also great concern for the animals.

In gaining height, the damage caused by the fire that struck the Var is colossal. The landscape is reduced to ashes, the dominant black color and kilometers of greenery in the Massif des Maures have been charred. A few rare places that have remained green are nevertheless visible. “In the middle of the burnt bush, we can see pockets which are generally vines which have been able to protect the houses because they have not burned., details Audrey Richier. The fire went from peak to peak. He went so fast that he jumped 500 meters and preserved a valley with about twenty houses.

The trees burned but in this natural park, animals were also affected. Concern reigns. The town of Grimaud, in the Var, was particularly affected. It is closer to the coast, dozens of houses are devastated with roofs that have caught fire. Five days after the start of the fires, there is no more fire, but water bombers are still flying over the area, ready to react in case.


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