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On the sixth Saturday of demonstrations, anti-health pass protesters – and often anti-vaccine as well – are now almost regulars. Throughout France, 175,000 demonstrators, according to the police, gathered (40,000 less than the previous Saturday), often at the call of “Yellow Vests”, sometimes from the extreme right.

In Paris, this August 21, 15,000 demonstrators thus beat the pavement, in dispersed order. A rally was indeed organized by Florian Philippot, former adviser to Marine Le Pen now leader of his own movement Les Patriotes, and no less than three other events, framed by yellow vests from the eight departments of Ile-de-France where, faced with the resurgence of the epidemic, the health pass is now imposed even in large shopping centers.

Three “Yellow Vests” events? “We are thus forcing the police to divide their units”, assures Farouk Largo, one of the spokespersons of yellow vests of Val-d’Oise, and we are also more visible in different parts of the capital. “ The mobile gendarmes who supervise the demonstrators and try to prevent them from deviating from their route towards the Champs-Elysées, are also copiously taken to task: “Bitch to Macron!” “,” Collaborators! »« We will vaccinate you! “, shout at them some demonstrators without rubbing against them.

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Desires of revolution

There are work buddies there, families with their kids, retirees screaming ” Freedom “, sing The Marseillaise and dream of organizing, like this protester who wrote the list on his sign “A massive strike in attendance at bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, sporting and cultural events” to put down “The health pass, Macron, the cops and the system”. The media also take for their rank, accused pell-mell of supporting the government, pharmaceutical companies and of hiding the reality of the epidemic. “It’s a mild and seasonal flu that only kills old people, but the TVs are organized to scare people in order to control us all!” “, thus vehemently assures Jessica Penet, who came from Yvelines like every Saturday to protest.

There is a strange mixture of elite protest, desires for revolution and the guillotine, mistrust of everything, and especially of the President of the Republic. “You will see, he will cancel the presidential elections and install the dictatorship”, assures Roger, in his sixties, in front of a group of young people who admit that, in any case, they do not vote.

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