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Afghanistan, Navy Seal who killed bin Laden: “Anger and sadness”


Seeing the images of the American evacuation from Kabul “I felt a lot of anger and a lot of sadness. Clearly this story was treated with ulterior political ends and not in a pragmatic and realistic way. We will always be able to review the images but the conclusion will always be the same: we had to leave in 2005 “. This was stated in an interview with the ‘Journal du Dimanche’ by Robert O’Neill, the former Navy seal who killed Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011. “Our initial mission was to defeat Al Qaeda and take Osama bin Laden. So we should have left later. Full stop. To see such a disaster is a shame. I am very sad especially for those who died there, “he explains in an interview with the French newspaper last Tuesday. For the former Navy Seal, however, the United States did not lose. “We won all the battles and killed bin Laden. But the Taliban are building a legend. After the British and the Russians it’s up to the Americans to get rid of and they didn’t even need to fight.” In 2005, O’Neill explains, “We would have positioned ourselves outside Afghanistan and had ample time to secure air support. It would have been enough to secure the Bagram base outside of Kabul. Use the airspace to eliminate the terrorists because we saw them overrun. the border with Pakistan. We knew where they were, all we needed to do was drop a few bombs. Our departure was even more evident to me as we finished the job in 2011. We killed bin Laden. “Defeat Al Qaeda, O’Neill points out,” This was our road map and I repeat it had to remain that. The Afghans don’t want to know about this Nation Building story and the Taliban even less. They say no to democracy. yes, our way of life from the point of customs definitely not. But even the smartest make mistakes. The absurd thing is that the US government will surely send troops again in order to get everyone “out of the country.” After all – he stresses – the Afghans have already suffered, frankly they did not deserve this. And now we leave everything, our equipment, our weapons, our light armored vehicles, our helicopters “. What happens today, adds the former Navy seal,” is just pathetic. It was worth killing bin Laden, trying to annihilate al Qaeda but not leaving such a void that will be filled by the Islamic State as soon as the Taliban are in charge. Daesch will do the same thing that happened in Iraq and Syria, he will fill in the gaps. “O’Neill is not surprised by the speed of the Taliban in conquering the country.” Everyone who has been on the ground will tell you the same thing. The Taliban will be laughing heartily. After all, they’ve always said: ‘you Americans have watches, we have all the time. They knew they would win and it is a fact. “O’Neill, who is a supporter of former US president Donald Trump, says” Biden did not listen to Pentagon arguments suggesting not to proceed “as he was doing. A version that Biden later denied last Thursday in an interview on TV. “I don’t like the image America has given of itself. It is truly an illustration of bad leadership. “According to the former Navy SEAL,” Trump would have done it another way. “This affair” is not only a catastrophe for Afghans but it is also a catastrophe for the future of politics. foreign USA. It’s like going back to the beginning, September 11, 2001 “. Returning to his engagement in Afghanistan, O’Neill explains that” what we achieved in Afghanistan was noble. I don’t know any killer among the American military but only people who have done their duty because in this story we are the ‘good guys’. They are the bad guys. We are not deceived “.


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