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The battle for “Tiger” between the inspection and NAKA: TV Markíza won a documentary that could crack it –


Peter Petrov alias Tiger.
Photo: TV Markíza

Who is eligible for a man with the nickname Tiger? The fight for Petr Petrov intensified in the armed forces after the wanted businessman was detained.

Now they are catching up on whether it belongs to an inspection or NAKA. And everyone sees it differently. We have a document in our hands that provides clear instructions on how to proceed in such situations.

A game of chess

From the beginning, the story of Petr Petrov alias Tigra can be compared to a chess game. The first move was made by the inspectorate, who accused him of wrongful testimony and obstruction of justice, and another NAKA. For a change, they are prosecuting him for membership in a criminal group that was supposed to turn the state by millions in public procurement at the interior and labor headquarters.

However, the inspection did not succeed in another move. They didn’t find the tiger, so the judge looked at him issued an arrest warrant. NAKA detained him but in her case. From the layman’s point of view, a stalemate has arisen. What will happen to Tiger and to whom does he belong? NAKA seems to be winning in this game.

Something like a chess checkmate was inspected when he was brought before a judge of a specialized court in his case and not from the district that issued an arrest warrant for him.

Peter Petrov alias Tiger. Photo: TV Markíza / PZ

Who owns Petrov alias Tiger?

So how is it – she stole NAKA Tiger inspection? The investigation of the inspection is supervised by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Bratislava, while the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office at NAKA. And everyone has a different view of who Peter Petrov belongs to.

“I am of the opinion that the arrest warrant should have been followed. An interrogation should have taken place before the judge who issued the arrest warrant,” Rastislav Remeta, Bratislava’s regional prosecutor, told Markíza television.

“Legitimately, a custody motion was filed in our case and accepted by the court. The legal view that an arrest warrant always takes precedence is unsustainable, which would mean that if someone was issued an arrest warrant for non-payment of maintenance and then detained in the case of an assassination, an arrest warrant would take precedence, which is a completely absurd legal opinion, “thinks special prosecutor Daniel Lipšic.

Guidelines of the Prosecutor General ‘s Office

We’ve got a document that could crack the whole dispute. Two years ago, the Criminal Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office issued methodological guidelines on how to proceed in such cases. And the opinion was requested by the same Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Bratislava, which today claims that Tiger should be on the basis of their arrest warrant.

However, the guidelines state quite clearly that if such a collision occurs, the detention takes precedence over the arrest warrant. Because some urgent and unrepeatable actions could also be thwarted, which, due to their nature, cannot be postponed.

“If the existence of an arrest warrant for this person is established, the procedure is that all necessary procedural acts continue to be carried out with him or her, ie this person remains in the regime of a detained person,” states in the methodological guidelines of the Criminal Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Peter Petrov alias Tiger is therefore in custody for charges against NAKA. But if the court did not send him behind bars, then they could arrest him for an inspection.

The report for Televízné noviny was prepared by Zuzana Ferenčáková.


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