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When will the new Warzone map land? –


During Vanguard’s reveal on Warzone, players discovered that a new map was on the way. Now the question on everyone’s lips is when she will make her battle royale debut.

When Warzone debuted in March 2020, only one map was available, Verdansk. Many months later, as players knew Verdansk like the back of their hand and began to seriously tire of it, a new map finally appeared, Rebirth Island.

Unfortunately, the least that can be said is that players’ enthusiasm for the arrival of Rebirth Island was short-lived. They were quickly disappointed with its size, not to mention the bugs that abound there.

While they were desperately waiting for a new map, during the deployment of season 3 they were only entitled to a new version of Verdansk, Verdansk 84, which was not unanimous either.


The Verdansk 84 card brought with it its fair share of visual changes.

With the release of Vanguard on the horizon, gamers are on the verge of getting what they hoped for. Indeed, a new card has been confirmed for Warzone.

When will the new map arrive in Warzone?

Sledgehammer Games studio manager Aaron Halon recently confirmed that a brand new Warzone map is on the way. However, no specific date was revealed for the map’s release, he just said the map will be added. “Later this year”.

Given that there are only 4 months left before the end of the year, and that we now know that Vanguard will be released on November 5, we imagine that the new card will make its entry in parallel with the arrival. of the new Call of Duty, or shortly thereafter.

Of course, this will be far from the only new thing to come for the battle royale. Along with a brand new map, players can look forward to the arrival of new weapons, operators, and possibly other surprises. Not to mention the new anti-cheat system which already makes Warzone players salivate.

All that remains is to be patient, as Vanguard’s kickoff draws closer, new information should come to the surface.


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