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Summer days for environmentalists: feminism, degrowth and vegetable garden, the three outsiders of the tenten primary – franceinfo


Sandrine Rousseau, Delphine Batho and Jean-Marc Governatori spoke to activists during the EELV Summer Days, each in their own way, and hoped to surprise the two big favorites for the primary, Yannick Jadot and Éric Piolle.

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The 37th Summer Days for Ecologists are coming to an end in Poitiers. Last day, Saturday, August 21, which can still allow undecided activists to make their choice between the five candidates for one month of the primary.

The three outsiders went to the stand on Friday. With her opening song, Sandrine Rousseau sets the tone. The former number 2 of Europe ecology-The Greens plays the card of feminism: “We take, we use and we throw the bodies of the most precarious women in society. I know that you are like me, resistant and resistant, so I suggest that we stand up and dare, and that let’s go “, she chanted to the applause of the audience, before ending with a walkabout.

We are far from the more calm atmosphere that reigns around the other candidate, Delphine Batho, who proposes a radical and divisive change of society: “We have to cross the rubicon of degrowth. The facts dictate it because it is the only way to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to set the goal of respecting planetary limits”, assures the former Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

“Me president, yes it is possible, France will be a huge vegetable garden.”

Jean-Marc Governatori

at the Ecologists’ Summer Days

As for the entrepreneur Jean-Marc Governatori, he presents himself as a jusqueboutiste, after his retention in the primary by way of justice, and cultivates an atypical profile. He affirms that “Social projects fail all over the world because they ignore the glass of earth, they ignore the hen and the vegetable garden.”

His passage on stage is punctuated by long silences and boycotted by most environmental activists, who denounce his ambiguous remarks around the vaccine.


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