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“It destroyed me, it destroyed me”: Kheira Hamraoui, in tears, evokes his family and his deceased father


It’s an interview that some were impatiently awaiting as Kheira Hamraoui’s word has become important in recent days. Everyone wants to know what the footballer from Paris Saint-Germain and the France team thinks of the incredible affair surrounding her attack on November 4, 2021. If at first her teammate in club and and selection Aminata Diallo was cleared of all suspicion, she finally found herself in police custody and then indicted before being released last Wednesday. Charged with “aggravated violence” and “criminal association”, she is now the number one suspect in the eyes of investigators. For the time being, Kheira Hamraoui had only spoken very briefly at the microphone of RMC, indicating her fear of seeing Aminata Diallo get out of prison, but this morning she decided to give a long television interview to BFMTV. Faced with Bruce Toussaint, the 32-year-old player mentioned several subjects, categorically refusing to mention Aminata Diallo during this exchange. She nevertheless returned to the many rumors that have come out about her in recent months and which have made her suffer a lot. “I had ten months of harassment and it’s terrible in fact to see his name soiled, the name of my dad, who is no longer of this world… and that my dad’s name is soiled , it destroyed me, it destroyed me”, says the young woman with tears in her eyes. You see your brothers suffering, your mother suffering, it’s horrible. I really don’t wish it on anyone Faced with the evocation of this father, Bruce Toussaint then launches the sportswoman on his family, asking him to describe how they lived this period and Kheira Hamraoui does not weigh his words… “It was terrible for my family… terrible… you see your brothers suffering, your mother suffering, it’s horrible. I really don’t wish that on anyone,” she says. The journalist continues his question by talking about his club, PSG and the total lack of support she received, since she was sidelined from the group for many months. “I’m in pain… I’m in very very pain,” she concludes, her voice marked by emotion. Aminata Diallo remains presumed innocent of the charges against her until the final closure of this file.



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