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War in Ukraine: these Russian men who go to the front in disillusion – Le Figaro


By Alain BarluetPublished yesterday at 6:50 p.m., Updated yesterday at 7:05 p.m. They were leading a “normal” life, they are now mobilized to go and fight in Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin decreed on Wednesday morning. OLGA MALTSEVA/AFPREPORTAGE – Recruitment is in full swing to go and fight in Ukraine where referendums on joining Russia have begun. Moscow correspondent The scene repeats itself, it’s almost comical. The men coming out of the Voïenkomat, the recruiting centre, all have their telephones glued to their ears and are talking loudly. They need to quickly reassure the family. In a few hours, the life of these ordinary Russians has changed – they led a “normal” life, they are now mobilized to go and fight in Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin decreed on Wednesday morning. This is the case of Georguy, 38, met Friday morning in front of the center of Boutyrki Val, near the Belarus station, in Moscow. Engineer, he served in the army twenty years ago, with a specialty of “shooter”. But he hasn’t touched a weapon since then and says he no longer has good eyesight. No matter. “They even take those who are very myopic,” he says. “I was just told to come back here at 3 p.m. with my things. We’re going to be taken by bus somewhere outside of Moscow where we’ll be training. How long? And then? None… This article is for subscribers only. You have 80% left to discover.Freedom has no borders, like your curiosity.Continue reading your article for €0.99 the first month Already a subscriber? Login



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