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Quinté PMU – Prediction of the PRIX CLEOMEDE Sept. 23, 2022 – Canal Turf


The prognosis Fourteen mares, ten in the first rung, the rest in the second, met at the start of the Prix Cléomède, quinté this Friday, at night, in Vincennes. Our choice fell on the competitors of the second post. Starting with GRACE DU DIGEON (photo), aligned barefoot this time. 11 GRACE DU DIGEON: It boasts eleven successes in 42 races run. Proof of its effectiveness. After being kept out of competition from April to August, it now has two courses, rail, in the legs. Here she finds Vincennes with a chance of the first order. Especially since she has the best time in the peloton on this course. 12 WINNER MESLOISE: It is not recommended for people with heart problems. She remains on a series of three consecutive disqualifications. However, she has proven that she had to be reckoned with in such a company, and this time will be barefooted. Wise, she is able to play the leading roles. 14 GREAT TIGRESS: You shouldn’t take its last two courses literally, at Ecommoy and Châteaubriant, where it was on track after a rest period in the spring. To be credited with a time of 1’13”5 on the proposed course, and lightened in its shoeing, it should be talked about again in the lot. 13 GREEN GIRL: Admittedly, she has not passed the post in the lead since May 2021. However, she has shown commendable consistency in tournaments of this ilk. It also has three places in as many straights run. Having just proved its good form on the Grande Piste de Vincennes, it should once again fight for a good place. 9 GIRL HAUFOR: Like the previous nominee, she is still looking for her first victory this year. That said, here she finds the course of her last success and she faces an interesting commitment at the limit of hindsight. What earn him supporters in this meeting. 5 GALIA SOTHO: She was full of confidence this summer, winning in particular at Chinon and more recently at Tours, again on grass. However, she also has credentials to make on the sand. Taking advantage of this positive spiral, she started at Vincennes with pretensions. We keep. 8 FOLIEPOLIS: It should not be condemned hastily on its last unsuccessful performance, on the grass, in Landivisiau. Especially since she had previously drawn a pleasant end of the race to take 5th place in a well-composed European race, last month at Vincennes. An attractive killjoy. 2 GLORIA GWEN: She has a good percentage of success, with 15 podiums, including six victories, in 31 public performances. That is nearly 50% success among the first three. Even if it lacks references on the Grande Piste de Vincennes, it would not surprise anyone by interfering at the finish. In case of non-runner: The 3 GLOIRE DE FLEURY PMU customers – Play on this raceStéphane Davy’s selectionBASE11GRACE DU DIGEON12GAGNANTE MESLOISECHANCES REGULIERES14GREAT TIGRESS13FILLETTE DEL GREEN9GIRL HAUFOROUTSIDERS5GALIA SOTHO8FOLIEPOLIS2GLORIA GWENPrediction summary: Favorite
11 – GRACE DU DIGEONFavorite
12 – WINNER MESLOISECoup of madness
14 – GREAT TIGRESSLe prognosis ZEturf.frGRÂCE DU DIGEON a step above Undefeated in two outings without her irons on the proposed course, Grace du Digeon serves as a well-placed free kick for Éric Raffin, before the kick. In pure class, Great Tigress seems the most likely to be able to hang on to her coattails. Winning Mesloise, if she sets off on the right leg, is also a serious client. Currently on a cloud, Galia Sotho only has against her to discover the Temple of the trot. Unlike a good number of competitors in the entry level, Girl Haufor is confirmed on the big loop. Fillette Del Green, confirmed at this level, will again sell her skin dearly for the places. Foliepolis and Gloria Gwen will complete our selection.The selection N°ChevalDriver11GRACE DU DIGEONRAFFIN E.14GREAT TIGRESSROBIN B.12GAGNANTE MESLOISEBELLOCHE P.5GALIA SOTHOMARTIN G.9GIRL HAUFORBONNE D.13FILLETTE DEL GREENHESLOUIN CH.8FOLIEPOLISSENET JF2GLORIA GWENLOCQUENEUX D.frCgenybetThe prognosis It is still the Hippodrome de Vincennes which is hosting the Quinté+ (Top 5 on this Friday evening at 8:15 p.m. A medium-level test is offered to the sagacity of bettors, they are 14 mares of 6, 7 and 8 years old to set off on the course of the 2850 meters of the big track. The truth should be on the second rung with two class competitors. Associated with Eric Raffin, Grace du Digeon (11) is again presented unshod four feet after two discreet races in the provinces. Without her “shoes” on her hooves, she has 7 wins and 2 runners-up in 14 outings. There is no doubt that this is a race targeted here, it promises to be very difficult to beat, let’s remember that it won 5 times on the holding courses of the big track between November and April. Winner Mesloise (12) can still hold her hand. Brilliant at first this summer at Enghien, it has just been at fault three times. On her class, she can win but must above all be wise. She is barefooted for the occasion and a feat on her part is possible… It’s a bit all or nothing. Girl Haufor (9) discovers an excellent entry in the first rung, she can go far and preserve a place in the winning combination of Quinté+. Fillette del Green (13) and Great Tigress (14) are two quality mares and they can do well here. The first named is in good shape while the second must reassure. But Great Tigress (14) has the wherewithal to fight for the win on a good day. On this course of 2850 meters of the big track, she has 1 victory and 1 accessit in 3 outings. Distrust … Galia Sotho (5) remains on good outings in the provinces and a small place seems within reach, as does Gloire de Fleury (3), which can spice up the relationship. Foliepolis (8) is not every day but a place among the top five is accessible to him if it is decided. It is better not to discard it in an enlarged combination. The Genybet selection. JF1GALILEA PASSIONTHOMAIN D.2GLORIA GWENLOCQUENEUX D.4GAULOISE D’AURCYLEBOURGEOIS Y.10FLORALYSE D’AUTHOULE BELLER T.7EMERAUDE VEBEMASSCHAELE PH.6FLEUR FATALENIVARD F.Press selectionEvery day, Canalturf invites you to consult the list for the Quinté+ race of the 10 horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse racing press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Turf Dernier, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris courses, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Morning, Ocean Press).N°ChevalDriver11GRACE DU DIGEONRAFFIN E.12GAGNANTE MESLOISEBELLOCHE P.14GREAT TIGRESSROBIN B.13FILLETTE DEL GREENHESLOUIN CH.9GIRL HAUFORBONNE D.5GALIA SOTHOMARTIN G.8FOLIEPOL ISSENET JF10FLORALYSE D’AUTHOULE BELLER T.4GAULOISE D’AURCYLEBOURGEOIS Y.2GLORIA GWENLOCQUENEUX D.



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