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Katarína Knechtová is in the Spotify Equal campaign in Times Square in New York! –


Source: archive of K. Knechtová 22.09.2022 – 15:30 | editorial office Katarína Knechtová, one of the most successful Slovak singers, is the third Slovak musician whose face has appeared on a large billboard in the famous Times Square in New York thanks to the global campaign of the well-known streaming service Spotify.
Last August, the young singer Karin Ann was the first Slovak to appear at the same place, and in the spring of this year, the Tolstoys singer Ela Tolstova and the duo Meowlau x Val, consisting of singer Valentína Vlková and bassist Laura Jašková. Now, the next Slovak face of the Spotify Equal Global campaign is the singer and songwriter Katarína Knechtová. “This campaign is based on equal rights and support for women in the music industry. I was very surprised, pleased and I am very happy that I can be one of the many female artists. Katka Knechtová is happy. In addition to the biggest honor in the form of a large advertisement in Times Square, her face is on the cover photo of the current edition of the Czech-Slovak playlist Spotify Equal. In addition, her song Verím is included in several international playlists of the campaign aimed at supporting female artists from all over the world. Source: the singer’s archive
A sense of pride and encouragement for further work”I am incredibly proud, it is a joy and a prestigious matter. I am very happy that I can ‘hang’ for a while in such an iconic place. Let’s be honest, how many people manage to do this in their lifetime? In the end of course, it won’t mean anything big for my career, but it’s such an encouragement for further work. And also proof that my manager and I are doing things well,” the singer does not hide her joy. The Spotify Equal Global campaign wants to contribute to greater equality for women. Even in the 21st century, women do not have the same opportunities as men, and this also applies in the world of music. “We have to be honest with ourselves, it’s still the case that we women get the short end of the stick. This can be seen, for example, in festival lineups, where the representation of women is disproportionately high. Many times I’m the only female performer even in two-day festivals. I would I would like it to change,” states Knechtová.
In the song I believe, which became part of the campaign, the singer summed up her feelings and disappointments in recent months. She composed the music herself and the lyrics were written by Vlado Krausz. The song is currently one of the most played Slovak songs on the radio. and a demanding summer, a lot of concerts, this year it was mainly in the Czech Republic. On October 1, we will end the string of outdoor events together with the band. After that, I’m going to the studio, where I will work on new songs, I’m also planning a video clip for the single,” he concludes Katka Knechtová.
PR manager Nora Krchňáková provided information and photos to We have edited and supplemented the report. You can follow the singer’s news on her official website and

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