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The USA has been connecting with Russia through private channels for months: They also disclosed the intention – Novy Čas


For several months now, the United States has been warning Russian officials through private communication channels about the serious consequences of the possible use of Russian nuclear weapons. It was written by The Washington Post (WP), according to which the links emphasize what President Joe Biden and his advisers say publicly. Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated this week that Russia is ready to annex territory in eastern and southern Ukraine and incorporate them into Russia. He has stated that he is not joking when he says that he will use all means at Russia’s disposal to defend the integrity of Russian territory, which is seen as a veiled threat of using a nuclear weapon. According to WP sources, the Biden administration is deliberately keeping the warning about the consequences of a nuclear attack vague, leaving the Kremlin worried about how Washington might respond. This is a tactic of “strategic ambiguity” known in the field of nuclear deterrence. The State Department was involved in the private warning communications with Russia, but WP did not specify the sources, who sent them, or what their scope was. It is not clear whether the US sent such messages even after Putin’s speech with a veiled threat on Wednesday. According to American sources, however, these links were broadcast regularly in the past months. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Thursday that eastern Ukraine will be “admitted to Russia and security measures will be strengthened” after the referendums. To defend this annexed territory, according to former President Medvedev, Russia can use not only newly mobilized soldiers, but also “any weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons and those using new principles,” which is a reference to hypersonic weapons. “Russia has chosen a direction and there is no going back,” Medvedev said.



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