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Škoda 1100 MBX: For sale is a rare Škoda coupe. The price still stuns – True


Damages do not belong to the most sought-after veterans. With a few exceptions. And in addition to the legendary “erka” and the Octavia cabriolet, there is also a rare “coupe” 1000 MBX. But the price corresponds to it. This is for sale for €65,000! Photo: Škoda 1000 MBX De Luxe – 1966 So, you won’t find such a Škoda 1000 MBX coupe in the De Luxe version that easily. It looks like it just came off the lines in Kvasiny. But it was actually produced in 1966. In the sixties, Škoda was working on a successor to the Octavia convertible. This model, which was literally an export “blockbuster” and therefore also a source of foreign exchange for the then socialist regime, had its best days behind it. It was to be replaced by a new cabriolet based on the revolutionary Škoda 1000 MB with a rear engine. It started rolling off the lines in Mladá Boleslav in 1964. However, the first tests after the roof was “cut off” showed that the transformation would not be so easy. The body simply did not have the necessary rigidity. It was precisely the new self-supporting concept of the new “thousand” that was to blame. Therefore, the constructors preferred a coupe with a frameless door structure and the MBX designation. Read more Škoda 110 R: The Serb is selling a beautiful piece. The price is tempting But they didn’t have a completely free hand here either. In order to reduce costs, it was necessary to use as many components as possible from a regular sedan. And the result? If a Škoda 1000 MBX drove in front of you, you had no chance to know that it was a coupe. Up to the front pillars, it was identical to the sedan. And the savings continued. The flowing silhouette of the cabin was out of the question. The MBX thus received only a rotated rear panoramic window, and the triangular rear windows were also rotated, which created a negative shape for the rear pillar. The rear hood and lights were also used from the sedan. This is how a two-door sedan, called Tudor in Škoda, was created. Photo: Škoda 1000 MBX De Luxe – 1966 This car will need to be well taken care of. A soft body can cause problems, and frameless windows can cause leaks. And if you accidentally roll the doors, you will have to make new ones from the shorter doors of the classic Škoda 1000 MB. The main change was extended doors and rear fenders. But you could forget about the wind in Felicia’s hair. At least the retractable windows, including the rear ones, became a compensation. And since the car did not have a central column, the cabin was open on the sides. Although it looked impressive, it was also the biggest weakness that cost the MBX its neck in the end. The body still did not have the necessary rigidity. It turned out that the coupe will not be able to be produced on the same lines as the sedan. The bodies twisted or even broke when they were hung on the conveyor in the plant. This would slow down mass production. And so MBX had to move to Kvasín. 2ce58677-537b-4bdf-a545-d90caceb581c The interior is perfect. This applies to the “caramel” leather upholstery and all chrome or aluminum details. Finally, the novelty, presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966, required a lot of manual work. So by the end of 1966, only 137 pieces were produced. The first pieces were received by customers only in January 1967. The MBX inherited the technology from the sedan. The four-cylinder with a volume of 988 cc and an OHV distribution produced an output of 38 kW and a torque of 75.5 Nm. It was processed by a 4-speed, fully synchronized transmission and sent to the rear wheels. However, bad luck did not leave MBX. Unsolved problems with body strength, leaks and unreliable doors did not take long to resolve. Customers complained, especially Western customers, and even returned MBX to dealers. Photo: Škoda 1000 MBX De Luxe – 1966 The sight of this aluminum four-cylinder 1.0 OHV is a feast for the eyes. Do not doubt that even today it has the original 38 kW. The modernization and version of the 1100 MBX with a larger engine did not work either. He had the same performance. The only change was higher torque. It increased to 81 Nm. Quite simply, the career of Octavia’s successor was headed for collapse. In 1967, 1,396 cars left the plant in Kvasiny, a year later only 700 cars and in the last season of 1969 even only 300 examples. By the end of production in August 1969, a total of 2,517 examples were produced – exactly 1,403 versions of the 1000 MBX and 1,114 pieces of the 1100 MBX. And Škoda originally planned a series of 50,000! Commercial failure is a blessing today. Since there are few existing cars and prices have skyrocketed. Read more Škoda Trekka: Škoda’s first ‘SUV’ strayed into Europe. It’s expensive as hell Want proof? A blue Škoda 1000 MBX has just appeared on the German internet bazaar By the way, the seller is from Topoľčany. The car from 1966, i.e. from the first series, looks really amazing. According to the information on the portal, it has driven only 30,550 km. And it shouldn’t even be demolished. The photo gallery demonstrates the perfect condition of the paintwork, caramel leather upholstery, as well as all the details. A look under the hood is literally a feast for the eyes. But there is a catch. If you compare the current offer with a price of 50,660 CZK, from 1967, the increase in value is absolutely gigantic.



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