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Attacks on secularism in schools: incitement messages are increasing and worrying – CNEWS


Several videos of young girls encouraging them to wear the veil in schools, or giving techniques to hide their religious clothing in their establishment, are currently abounding on social networks. This movement comes as the National Education says “closely monitor” attacks on secularism. political messages. Dozens of videos are circulating on social networks, in which teenage girls tell how they manage to enter their school wearing a veil or traditional religious clothing. On TikTok, several young girls, dressed in abayas (religious clothing editor’s note) explain how to go to high school with this tunic. “Just put on a shoelace or a belt, with pants underneath to cover your legs, so they can’t ask you to take off your abaya,” said one of them, while a Another video shows two girls (one wearing a turban and the other a full veil) filming themselves in a classroom, captioned with the message captioned: “We decided to revolt and put the veil in Classes”. Faced with this abundance of messages of a religious and political nature, the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye assured this Friday that he was “attentive to all the demonstrations and all the reports that can be made either on social networks or in schools. concerning attacks on secularism”. Two notes from the State services The phenomenon has also been the subject of two notes from the State services. A first, from the Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalization (CIPDR), dated August 27 and the content of which was detailed by the Express, pointed to the implementation of strategies by the Islamist movement , in order to convince young people to wear the “legislated” veil (term given to a religious habit in Islam, editor’s note). This note also specified that these incitements relate to prayer. Thus, on social networks, some go so far as to recommend techniques for isolating themselves in the establishment in order to pray. Others even ask to leave school at prayer time, believing that “school is not a ‘legislated’ excuse for removing one’s veil and delaying one’s prayer”. Breaches of secularism on the rise in the school environment The second note, dated September 16, looks back on the past year and draws a significant observation. The wearing of traditional Islamic outfits (Qamis for men and abayas for women) is on the rise, according to the document. This note was addressed to the rectors and, by extension, to the directors of establishments. Because, in some cases, teachers who have asked students to respect the principle of secularism find their names on social networks. A modus operandi already used, in particular during the assassination of Samuel Paty. Recently, a teacher was threatened in Paris, for having asked a high school student to remove her veil, and to enforce secularism, imposed by the school.



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