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Busy traffic on the borders of Finland and already Kazakhstan, Russians run to safety | –


Updated 14:42 23/09/2022, 12:40 Traffic on Finland’s south-eastern border with Russia is also busy on Friday. Following the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, the number of Russians who crossed the border into Finland doubled on Thursday compared to last week. This was reported by the Finnish border guard to Reuters. “Traffic continues to be heavy this morning … possibly increasing a bit compared to yesterday,” a Border Patrol spokesman said. 00:46 Tickets from Russia are disappearing at rocket speed, airlines have stopped selling them to men under 65 On Thursday, about 7,000 people crossed the land borders from Russia, of which about 6,000 were Russian citizens. That’s a 107 percent increase from the same day a week ago, the Border Patrol said. Three people also applied for asylum in Finland on Thursday, no one last week. The longest line of cars – about 500 meters – was at the Vaalimaa border crossing on Friday. “Longer than usual” was also at the second busiest border crossing, Nuijamaa. Reuters attributes the increased traffic on the Finnish-Russian border to the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ordered a partial mobilization of the population on Wednesday.

Finland is considering banning most Russians from entering the country in response to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in February. With effect from September, it has already reduced the number of visas granted to Russian citizens to a tenth of the normal amount. Finnish land border crossings are the last entry points for Russians to Europe, as most countries have already closed their borders or airspace to Russian citizens in response to the invasion of Ukraine, writes Reuters. The Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have already announced that they will not grant asylum to Russian citizens fleeing their homeland after the declaration of partial mobilization.
Kazakhstan also reports unusually heavy traffic at the border Kazakhstan also recorded an increased number of arrivals from neighboring Russia. Four of the 30 road border crossings on the Russian-Kazakh border, the second longest border in the world, are particularly congested. This was reported by the Kazakh border guard, which at the same time did not specify the exact number of people who had already crossed the border from Russia. One of the witnesses, who did not wish to be named, told Reuters that he had been waiting in line with his fellow passengers at the Russian-Kazakh border since Thursday morning. At the same time, he said that he saw unusually heavy traffic on the Russian side of the border, where cars are checked by Russian border guards. According to the witness, the majority of people trying to cross the Kazakh border are also men of working age, that is, younger than 35 years. Kazakh truck drivers crossing the border have posted videos on social media showing long lines of mostly passenger vehicles. See the speech of the Russian president (September 21), in which he announced the mobilization in the country: ​



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